Just when I was hoping not yet to give up my hopes for an Indian summer, we skipped fall and went straight to winter? I would be lying if I would tell you that I am not a little bummed about it. I mean it is ok not being able to enjoy that rare Indian summer, but I am a sucker for fall, since it is my favorite season getting-dressed-wise after all. Fall is the perfect season to be exploring stores for winter gear, without making any decisions yet. It is perfect for in between clothes, mixing summer stuff with last years winter sweaters.

Me, not wearing socks in these pictures is just my stubborn self still hoping to get my ankles tanned?

Well, I guess I have to run and buy some turtlenecks…

Old Style by Marina coat, Marc Jacobs scarf, Antipodium pants and J.W. Anderson clutch (via Young British Designers) and Nike shoes.


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  1. Vind zown jas echt super mooi! staat je leuk en goed gecombineerd haha zonder sokken :P!

  2. Great look:) Winter Came too early to Poland as well!

  3. perfect fall coat. love it!

  4. Yes to long coats and ankle skimming trousers!

  5. love the way you look with that coat and sneakers! xo, Alma

  6. great coat but the rest is almost impossible to see…we can just imagine !


  7. I really love this combination!!! You have a nice style!!!

  8. That coat must be very very very warm! Looks good on you.


  9. I was also hoping for an Indian summer. It still feels way too early to be wearing so many layers! On another note, I absolutely love your coat and sneakers!

  10. Love that coat and your idea of mixing it with the sneakers!!!

  11. You look great! Like the combination with the sneaks for a more sporty look. You can have it all ;)!

  12. Love that you paired this with sneakers.
    Amazing look.



  13. Cool coat!

  14. Het is inderdaad idioot weer, als het nu maar droog blijft is dat nog iets. Wel een hele gave outfit, vind je jas echt geweldig! xx

  15. The coat is gorgeous! Love the length.

    PS: I am also so bummed about skipping fall! I am so sad, it is by far the best season to dress, but with this cold, we can now forget about wearing anything other than winter clothes :(

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  16. the proof that sneakerc can be worn with style. love it! <3

  17. It’s too bad we can’t see your clutch better …and i remember your camel coat, it was already among my favourite looks of yours last winter !

    1. @Daisy Roadster and Coco: I’ll show a proper picture soon!

  18. Very pretty coat! Great colour for fall

  19. LOOOOVE! Heb 2 weken geleden een soortgelijke outfit gepost (maar mijn God, wat is deze jas mooi!!), hou hier enorm van :)


  20. De jas is echt prachtig!

  21. only five weeks ago, i was enjoying 35° c in tokyo. this european temperature drop definately is too much for me – seeing your bare ankles even made me shiver, haha :) your coat looks warm though, not only thick but the colour gives a feel of warm brick walls after a sunny autumn’s day. it’s a nice reference to these kind of days we’ve obviously been skipping…

  22. This outfit is perfection!!! xx.

  23. You look so good! This coat is perfect.

  24. Fabulous coat!!! And I adore that you wore sneakers

  25. Loving the Nikes with this outfit.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  26. i feel the same way about the weather! such a’s so darn cold out there, i had to dig through my closet to find some serious winter knits :/
    you’re rocking that camel coat!

  27. I’m bumped too! But that coat must make up a little, it has a great fit to it! :)

  28. Love the massive oversized style of the coat – so good for excessive winter layers.

  29. Very fabulous! I’m doing a post on camel coats and just found your great blog:)

  30. Great combination !
    Lovely coat !

  31. Ik denk dat het goed is dat je nog geen sokken aanhebt, zou er anders maar vreemd uitzien, haha
    fashion in Belgium

  32. oh, so nice! I think it suits you very well :)

  33. Haha I am exactly like you! The weather in Denmark is a bitch as well..

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