These Nowherepants are the best thing that happened to me in a while when it comes to hunting down items that are on my wishlist. I was looking for a good pair of wide legged pants for aaages and I was actually looking for simple black ones, but these are way more special. It’s nice to be changing up the skinny bottoms you usually see me in for a bit.

Lindex jumper, Nowhere pants, Zara shoes, Rayban sunglasses and Céline bag.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. i love the way you see fashion.. you are chic, elegant, simple and always so inspiring!
    love what you do and this outfit and of course those pants! have a nice day!

  2. Wow, prachtig Sab! Hij staat je super! Ik ben altijd een beetje huiverig voor de lengte bij zulke broeken..

    Ik zag laatst dat je trouwens die witte blouse van Nowhere getweet had. Ik heb hem binnen en hij is leuk, maar ruikt naar plastic (is ook polyester volgens mij.. maar toch, haha).


  3. I LOVE the scene for these photos, the stripes on the ground makes the pants look even more interesting. Super cool, Sabrina!
    And good job Lisa for taking such beautiful photos all the time :)


  4. Love the combination of the bracelets! And what a beautiful cut pants. Really love your style, it’s so simple, elegant and fashion forward at the same time. Keep on doing what you do!

  5. I loved this outfit! very chic and minimalistic ;) I like all of your outfits, but sometimes you use way tooo much black, I wish you add a little more colour but I guess is up to you. I’m no one to tell you haha don’t get me wrong its little feedback. I loved oldschool afterdrk, this one too, you are my favourite blogger! bisous.

  6. Wat een goede foto’s zeg. Erg mooie composities. Mooi om te zien dat jouw stijl zo mooi aansluit bij je blog en dat je blog, die ik al lange tijd volg, steeds zo positief verandert!
    Keep up the good work!