This is actually the first time I’m wearing this super dark lipstick – that you’re either gonna love or hate – outside my house, but I thought it added that extra little something, a little bit of grunge, that this outfit desperately needed. The leather jacket underneath my coat is just a subtle surprise and a nice way to keep myself extra warm these days.

Style by Marina coat, Zara leather jacket and beanie, Uniqlo turtleneck, Dr Denim jeans and Alexander Wang boots.


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  1. You look amazing with that lipstick! You should definitely wear it more often! X

  2. die lippenstift staat je goed! Maar doe het niet te vaak ;)
    Die laarzen zijn zo cool….

  3. The lips, the coat,…just perfect!

  4. the outfit is amazing as always and the lipstick looks great on you. I love lipstick. also I wanted to tell you I have been voting for you for blogger of the year because I love everything about your blog.

  5. Die donkere lipstick staat je echt goed!

  6. I really love your hat and shoes! Very nice outfit for these cold days. Xx

  7. heel erg mooi die lipstick bij jou, en natuurlijk de outfit ook!

  8. I really do like this dark lipstick. I never know when I would wear it myself though :)

    X, Annie

  9. There is no snow in Amsterdam? :o
    Here are like a 1 meter!
    And lipstick : yes,please!

  10. Love the lipstick, looks perfect on you :).

  11. De lipstick staat je heel goed! Leuk voor af en toe. Zou het zelf nooit aandurven, zo’n kleur. Dan zou ik eerder een hotpink kleur kiezen, alhoewel dit wel erg tof staat!

  12. Super beautiful lipstick and leather jacket!

  13. I love how you layered the jacket and the coat together. So winter chic. x

  14. je kunt de lipstick goed hebben, maar ik vind ‘m niet sabrina – zo’n clean/natural face past beter bij je :)

  15. die donkere lippenstift staat je echt heel mooi!
    Leuke muts en jas!

  16. I love dark lipsticks, all the plumy colours are my favourites. You look really amazing! xoxo

  17. I’m thinking girls will love the lipstick, men will hate it :-)

  18. Heerlijke winteroutfit! Ik hou ervan! En die kleur lipstick staat je er goed!

  19. I LOVE IT! Ziet er super leuk uit chica! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca

  20. Wauw, dat kleur lippenstift staat je echt ge-wel-dig! En je beanie is ook echt wel lichtjes covetable!

  21. Love your lips! Totally awesome!

  22. I totally love the lipstick and the leather jacket under!

  23. That lipstick suits you well. I guess I love it then ;)

    All love Lola

  24. Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat iemand die lipstick niet mooi vindt, die kleur staat je prachtig!
    En oh die jas is zo geweldig.

  25. I love your lipstick in contrast to your outfit!! xx

  26. Mooie outfit!
    Donkere lipstick staat mij niet zo heel goed, maar jou staat het super!
    I like it :)


  27. I love it! love the hat too :)

  28. Love this outfit! xx.

  29. i love layering coats upon coats. the lips are great as well
    january, x

  30. lovely outfit! the beanie is amazing and i love the lipstick in the overall look! x

  31. Don’t worry, the lipstick looks great on you!

  32. Ik vind deze kleur lippenstift je erg goed staan!

  33. A perfect winter look! The make up is perfect!

  34. love it! love that cap and coat :)

  35. Love the lipstick. You should wear it more often. // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  36. beautiful photos.. love that coat and your lipstick!

  37. Heel erg mooi, vooral je jas en mutsje! :)

  38. Supermooi! Ik vind je lipstick heel mooi bij je :)


  39. LOVE the lipstick!!!! Now I need to find myself one…

  40. amazing outfit!!

    ….and the lipstick looks great on you;) like the dark colour

  41. Great choice with the lip colour! Goes perfectly with the outfit! xx

  42. Jaa, die lipstick staat je goed!
    Meestal vind ik donkere lipstick bij blonde meisjes TE, maar deze is echt een goeie ;).


  43. great casual look! i love your lipstick

  44. I loved your lipstick!!
    Kisses Nana from Brazil..

  45. The lipstick is great! Love it

  46. So grunge and contemporary minimal! Love the dark burgundy it really suits your skin tone and your style! Maybe you should consider wearing it more often! :) The addition of the leather jacket as a layer is transforming your winter stole in the most creative way! Once more inspiring and beautiful!! :)

  47. you look so pretty! love the lipstick!



  48. That lipstick is stunning on you.

  49. I don’t know who’s taking pictures at you now but they’re really good.
    And I really appreciate your blog and your sense of style and beauty

  50. Amazing outfit! Love the little angora cap! And the lipstick obviously looks so well on you!


  51. that hat is adorable! I love this look. great layers ; )

  52. that hat is adorable! I love this look. great layers ; ) !!!

  53. The leather jacket with the coat look great together!
    Amazing blog! I will start to follow you!

  54. That color is great :) it really suits you! Love the outfit, as usual :) xxx Laura

  55. im amazed! you always have this natural(or nothing at all?)make up but i have to say u look super gorgeous with this drk red!!!wow!!! wear it more often! and even try other colors!after all ur style is so minimal(like mine-love it) its gonna look great.:)

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