This is actually the first time I’m wearing this super dark lipstick – that you’re either gonna love or hate – outside my house, but I thought it added that extra little something, a little bit of grunge, that this outfit desperately needed. The leather jacket underneath my coat is just a subtle surprise and a nice way to keep myself extra warm these days.

Style by Marina coat, Zara leather jacket and beanie, Uniqlo turtleneck, Dr Denim jeans and Alexander Wang boots.

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  1. So grunge and contemporary minimal! Love the dark burgundy it really suits your skin tone and your style! Maybe you should consider wearing it more often! :) The addition of the leather jacket as a layer is transforming your winter stole in the most creative way! Once more inspiring and beautiful!! :)

  2. im amazed! you always have this natural(or nothing at all?)make up but i have to say u look super gorgeous with this drk red!!!wow!!! wear it more often! and even try other colors!after all ur style is so minimal(like mine-love it) its gonna look great.:)