Sale has officially started and if there is one person in the world that can not handle sale season, it has to be me. There is only one sale that I like and “do” on a half yearly basis and that is the one in Antwerp -and sometimes online stores. The rest of the cities and shops, I tend to just avoid.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE discounts, but everything else about sale season is just not me. It is too busy, clothes are everywhere and trust me there is a reason for these items still being available instead of hanging in some stylish girls wardrobe already.

And yet I am sitting in front of a window that is screaming “sale”.

I wore a Zara shirt, Diesel jeans and belt, Céline sandals and Cheap Monday sunglasses.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. Well I have to agree on that, sales are often too tiring for me, I just hate the crowded stores ! I love shopping when the stores are clear and empty, that’s the best !
    Nice outfit btw, i like the way you are always mixing basics, just classy and always stylish

  2. hahaha geweldig! En helemaal mee eens. Ik krijg er ook de kriebels van en vind dan altijd de nieuwe collectie weer veel leuker.

  3. I like the sales simply because I usually have one or two things I really want and I get them and then I’m done. But I hate when sales last forever and you can’t go shopping normally.

  4. i’m the same around sale season.. everything just overwhelms me, i think i need stuff i wasnt even that crazy about before just because of “how much i’ll be saving!!” haha so silly. theres those sandals too.. i love them so much!

  5. Sorry to be the “Itching Powder” of the day, but some people do not have the means to buy Designers items or buy at full price even in highstreet shops and are quite happy to find cheaper prices once or twice a year .
    This being said, I love the simplicity and effectiveness of today’s outfit. Do you mind if I’ll inspire from you with a Mango belt and Zara heels, both look-alikes ?
    XX Françoise

  6. I remember your post once on sale shopping and something has always stuck in my head: if you wouldn’t buy it at full price, don’t buy it on sale. I’m trying so hard to stick with that because it’s true – I often buy things just because they’re cheap, rather than because they suit me. And they end up just sitting in my closet! Some good advice you have up your sleeve there, Sabrina ;)

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  7. @afterdrk Is it possible if you can tell me what brand is the pink little bracelet you are wearing and where you got it? It is so pretty, I love it! Thanks :)

  8. @ afterdrk Would it be possible if you could tell me what brand your pink little bracelet is from and where you got it? It is so pretty, I love it! Thanks :)

  9. this blog is my fav. really. you have such a good and simple taste. i can smell a simplicity of fashion from you. keep doing what u are doing because u inspire us all! :)

  10. Wow. So you’re posing in front of a window display and it did’nt even come across your mind to let us know which store it is? Quite inappropriate, as the store will probably agree.

  11. @ Margot, why is that inappropriate. Everyone is free to make pictures in public spaces..
    (And I think it’s the store from United Nude)

    Ik ben het trouwens met je eens dat sale-shopping echt vervelend kan zijn! Maar dat items er nog zijn met de sale hoeft niet negatief te zijn. Er kunnen pareltjes tussen zitten waar velen geen draagbare combi voor kunnen bedenken :)

    • Precies wat ik dacht :) En als ik me het nog goed herinner heeft ze zelf ook vaker wat toffe items in de uitverkoop gevonden dus vanwaar de opmerking dat er ‘een reden’ is dat het er nog ligt tijdens de uitverkoop..

    • Oh dear, you must have misread or misunderstood. Inappropriate does’nt mean that it’s forbidden by the law, it means that it’s unfitting or unsuitably.

      Yes you are free to take pictures in public spaces. However, if you find yourself in a commercial environment and you use that space as the backdrop of your image, it would be fair if you mention their name. Out of mere respect and understanding of that environment.

      You would’nt want people using your content without linking back to you, would you? Everyone’s free to download and post everything nowadays. Think about it.

      • @Margot: I understand your point, but I personally don’t think I should mention their store, since I am not using any of ‘their’ tools for these pics and it could have been any other store. People using my content is something completely different, but again this is my opinion. I don’t see a difference between using a bridge or a store as a background as my backgrounds are most of the time completely random. You’re free to have your own opinion on this though and I am glad you’re sharing your criticism!

  12. Loving your classy outfit! I share your sentiment about sales time. I keep your advice of only buying an item if I would be willing to pay full price for it as a mantra in my mind, hehe. The strategy I try to hang on to is only buying an item if it was on my wishlist to begin with, otherwise pass. Have a great Sunday Sabrina! :) xx Kayin http://www.logomania.nl

    • that a great tip I will keep it in mind. Just started to make me a “designer you should wear now” on pinterest board where I collect all the interesting and modern designer and pieces of them I love and would wear. Of course I cannot have all of them but I will now concentrate more on those during the sales. http://madrilicious.com

  13. I like the simplicity of your style jeans and a white shirt are so classy and elegant and with the black bra peeking out it is really a great look you can combine with any accessories. I totally understand that you don’t like sales as too many people are in the stores and the good things are already sold out. On the other hand I like to go to lesser known shops for sale as there I find great designer clothes for smaller prices. http://madrilicious.com

  14. I thought the same for years but I have made my own sheme: go very early and quickly. And about the stylish girl wardrobe, there arent enough stylish persons to buy all the good stuff especially in Holland. A stylish girl’s style is so different from commercial that she can find good things in the sale

  15. I totally feel that to! I can almost never get great pieces when I’m shopping and it’s sale. I just so busy, there are to much clothes and a lot of things aren’t what I’m looking for -and I already am a picky person-. Love your outfit though!



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