When I booked my 3 month trip to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, there was one question that immediately kept me quite busy. Where the h•ll did Mary Poppins get that awesome black bag? How was I supposed to pack enough clothes for 3 months with 23kg suitcase limitations?

I also knew it wouldn’t make my 5 Piece French Wardrobe plan any easier, but when I was complaining about that, one of you suggested to share what I brought and why. And I must say now that I wrote everything down, it can’t be so bad. I have 47 pieces – shoes, bags and accessories included – to work with:

Black Leather Jacket
This literally goes with everything, plus makes any outfit look awesome. The perfect wardrobe staple.

Black + Grey Blazer
Another wardrobe staple, but a little lighter and more dressed up than the leather jacket.

Black Summer Parka Jacket
I am not completely sure why I brought this one, hmmm.

Sleeveless Denim Jacket
I have always had a hard time styling anything sleeveless (yet I wore it three times in a row here) and even though I didn’t get to chance to wear this yet, I think it is good to always pack a challenge.


White Cotton Shirt Dress
Probably one of the very few dresses out there that actually fit my style. Extra good with my leather jacket.

Black Midi Skirt
Out of all skirts and shorts I brought, this is the one that has been lowering its cost per wear like crazy.

Black Ruffled Mini Skirt + Printed Mini Skirt
I am having a love/hate relationship with mini skirts at the moment. They are too sexy with heels and give me too much of a ‘tourist’ look with my Birks. They don’t go well with Converse and opting for boots everyday isn’t really an option. Oh well.

Anthracite Slouchy Silk Pants
One of the most comfy but dressed up pants I own.

Black Suit Pants
My current favorite!

Boyfriend Jeans
For a sunset stroll down the beach, my boyfriends knit (and arm) to keep me warm, sandals in my hand…

Black Skinny Jeans x2
Apart from that particular midi skirt, black jeans are really all ever I wear.

Basic Skinny Jeans
For that perfect little getaway of all black everything.

Leather Shorts
I haven’t worn these in quite a bit and I will probably not use them in LA either. Why I packed these? You tell me.

Vintage Levi’s Denim Shorts
For hot lazy days on our roof terrace.

White, Grey, Navy + Black T-Shirts
The inevitable basics.

White Sleeveless Cotton Shirt
For the days I want to copy my own LA looks.

White Beach Cover-Up
Need I say more?

White + Black Silk Shirts
In the same inevitable basics category as all the t-shirts I brought.

Light Blue Cotton Shirt
For when I want to go mannish chic and dress up like a boy.

Blue Tie-Dye T-Shirt
Because a little tiny bit of color wouldn’t hurt.

Red Sweater
Because a little tiny bit of extra color wouldn’t hurt either!

Grey Printed Sweatshirt
My evening tux.

Grey Boiled Wool Sweater
Because I could somehow magically sense I would be having a super rainy one night stand with Paris.

Houndstooth Sweater
I heard houndstooth was a trend.

Black Sleeveless Tops x2
More basics!

Black Oversized Knit (Hope)
Still a favorite, such a good throw-on for when it gets colder at night.

Black Angora Sweater
To make Christmas feel a bit more like home, I will just have the a/c make it work.


Heeled Sandals (Céline)
For events/dinners/date night outs…

Heeled Sandals (Zara)
These are pretty painful, but I guess it was the Amsterdam girl in me wanting to bring these. You see, you can’t really go out in fancy shoes in my own city without completely destroying them (think cobble stones and people spilling lots of beer), so I thought I needed a less fancy version of my Céline’s.

Black Converse
For airplanes, shopping and running errands.

Balenciaga Buckle Boots
The ultimate flat-but-still-uber-cool shoe.

Black Birkenstocks
For comfort.

Leopard Sandals
To be honest, I haven’t really worn these yet, but I brought them for their versatility on warmer days. They go just as well with boyfriend jeans as they go with skinny’s.

For running and hiking.

Do these count as a real pair of shoes? They’re only for the beach…

Anything missing?
YES! These Jenni Kayne flats that I have not been able to track down in simple black leather (size 38 or 38,5). Also maybe an extra pair of ankle boots.


Black Shoulder Bag
Even though I call my Céline my everyday bag, a shoulder sized style is more my cup of bag since I don’t carry too much around on a daily basis. Also, in LA most girls use their cars to hold most of their stuff.

Black Everyday Bag
For when a bigger bag is needed…

(Blue Pouch)
This isn’t officially included in the 23kg’s, as it was only added after my flash trip to Paris.

Something missing?
Not really, I am not really a bag person anyway. I guess the car will do…

Grey Wool Scarf
Everybody kept telling me I would not need this snuggly friend here, but it has actually been serving perfectly as an evening keep-me-warm.

Blue Leopard Scarf
For when I feel like accessorizing…

Something I regret not bringing?
I never ever wear hats, but I somehow feel like wearing one lately.

And of course I brought some bikinis, sports clothes, underwear and socks!

Even though I am currently having a hard time avoiding the shops (I mean they’re online, they’re everywhere!) I don’t think it has anything to do with my packing skills and I think I did quite well.

Now tell me how would you do it? What would you pack? Would you pay for an extra suitcase (it is €100,- with the airline I am flying with)?


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  1. Indefinitely think this has to work :)

    1. Love black color! Great biker by the way!

      Kisses from

      Today I show you a Comfy Autumn-colorful outfit with an amazing vest and neoprene pants!

  2. hahahahahahahaha that was definitely my problem when i booked my 3 months stay in london !!! cool guide

    1. Oh London is even harder, LA good weather means barely any coats/jackets. London means tons of those!

  3. Great inspiration for everyone who has to pack for a semester abroad (I can tell from my own experience how hard this is ;))

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  4. That’s always when you forget to bring something that you want it so bad…
    23 kilos for 3 months its ok I’m surprised you could already bring every thing you listed !

  5. I’m the less organized person on this planet !
    Thanks for this post !

  6. good choices that work so well with each other….

  7. You did great job. Everything is included and in 23 kilos!

    1. great post! I had to bring clothes for one year, 23kg as well, it was soooo hard !

  8. It sounds like you did a very good job. :) A perfect guide!

  9. Leuk artikel! Het lijkt mij ook wel een behoorlijke uitdaging : )


  10. You are a maniac (in a good way, no offense) :) My biggest problem would be to fit all my shoes in a suitcase. As for Mary Poppins, it’s not just her bag I long for, it’s her ability to tidy up the room magically!
    Mafalda ❤

  11. It has worked!

    Oh and i follow your blog on bloglovin now, it would be great if you follow me two!

  12. Looove that leather jacket.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  13. i think you packed perfectly fine for your months in LA x

  14. Great post!
    xx Stephanie (

  15. sabrina, get some real problems please.

  16. Heerlijk artikel, ik denk dat je behoorlijk goed ingepakt hebt!

    En nee, ik vertik het om bij te betalen, al ben ik nog nooit 3 maanden weggeweest..


  17. Wow, how were you able to fit all of this into a 23kg suitcase? Impressed.

    xx R U I B R I

  18. Sounds like quite a complete wardrobe to begin with :) what I did when I lived abroad for half a year was cleaning out my closet, take all the ‘oldies’ with me and replace them by shopping – got an entire new wardrobe with items I wasn’t really able to get at home .. worked well for me!

    X Stylonym

  19. Ik vind dat je het heel goed hebt gedaan!

    Goede basics! ;)


  20. Goede items heb je meegenomen! Ik had ongeveer hetzelfde gepakt, maar toch had ik een extra koffer meegenomen. Ik kan heel slecht kiezen dus vandaar ;)

    xx Riëlle

  21. Geweldige selectie en met al die neutrale kleuren is het ook makkelijk te combineren. Toch respect hoor. Ik heb al moeite met een week vakantie ;) xx

  22. You did a great job! Love to read this. I decided to go abroad for 5 months with 35kg. I felt like dying.. In the meantime I bought so much new stuff that I must book some extra kg for my way back.. Bytheway, love to see you articles are bigger now and include more photos. With love, Cherelle.

  23. I thik you did a great job packing! I would pay for an extra suitcase on my way back… I always manage to bring back more things than I should…


  24. Wow, you packed really well!

  25. has the Jenni Kanye shoes you want I believe in your size too. Enjoyed the post!

  26. This is hard. That’s why I feel so lucky to be able to travel with 2 suitcases 32 each.

  27. That’s a challenge. I wouldn’t been able to choose.. I think I would pack basic things with a few extraordinary pieces, so I could combine and change a bit. And by arrival, buy some laundry soap ;)

  28. I loved your post today!
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. very cool post! so nice to see what your “palette” is for putting together your outfits haha. hope you are enjoying LA

  30. Great post! This is so interesting to me as I have only just transitioned from the 23 (or sometimes 20kg) rule to a more permanent existence in LA. I moved here to be with my boyfriend also :). It’s so nice not having these limitations anymore but I think you are doing it ver very well. I’d love to meet you in LA one day

    The Koalafornian x

  31. Hele interessante post ! UIteindelijk wel veel stuks voor slechts 23 kilo :)

  32. I would pay for an extra bag. But hey, you did great! Love your selection :)

  33. wauw! Goede lijst… super georganiseerd.
    En ik denk dat die 100 euro die je extra betaald (KLM?) dat is niet voor extra kilo’s, dat is voor een fysieke 2de koffer, maar je mag nog steeds maar 23 kg meenemen…. althans: mijn vriendinnetje ging voor een half jaar naar het buitenland, had 100 euro bijbetaald, stond bij check in: mevrouw dat is niet voor extra kilo’s… say whut?! Seriously!
    Succes op jullie avontuur!

  34. Denk dat het wel goed is voor je creativiteit om gewoon binnen de 23kg te blijven!

  35. Hi Sabrina! Hope you are enjoying it here in LA! Could you tell me who makes the Houndstooth sweater? I swear I saw it online somewhere but I cannot remember where and I <3 it! xx

  36. Go shopping! You can ship the stuff home:-) its not that expensive and it takes only 10 days… I’ve been to the States for four months and had the same packing problem as you. And believe me, you will regret it when you don’t buy the stiff you want there. Xx from Switzerland

  37. For 3 months, I’d pack what I did in a single carry-on like I did here..

    Then again, I didn’t care about looking stylish :) I was trying to be light, minimalist and practical.

  38. Good packing! I just packed 13kg for 6 months, but that’s backpacking.

  39. Ugh, Balenciaga boot envy. I love those and am completely 100% jealous right now.

    I’m hopping over from and I’m so glad she linked to you because your style is very much where I’m headed. I’m letting go of all my past girlie and wide genre spectrum of wardrobe items because I tend to wear my simple but with interesting shape items in black, grey & white the most. The rest can go and I’ll still manage to be clothed every morning. Your list is a great one for me too so I’m bookmarking the hell outta it.

    1. Sabrina | afterDRK - ⁄ Reply

      Ahh happy you found afterDRK and love my take on fashion. Thank you for reading/following.

  40. That’s a great what-to-pack list!

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