Well, change the 5 minutes to half an hour. In Paris I had the honor to chat with jewelry designer Tom Binns, a conversation as interesting as they can get. Mister Binns was waiting for me on a cosy couch at Hotel Lotti in Paris, surrounded his collections from the past 30 years.

Jewelry that would have looked completely different if he would not have anything to do with commercialism. “It is all really nice, but it is not my voice. It is more like a whisper, because I am forced to compromise to be able to have customers.” A customer that Binns describes as ‘daring enough and with funk (read: offbeat)’. “I do not have a special person in mind when I design my things, though they have to have tits.”

The designer reveals that he does make stuff in private, stuff that people ant to buy, but he does not want to sell. Those pieces he calls stories, books, his commercial pieces are more like words.

Even though Binns clearly states he does not agree on the opinion of Suzy Menkes in her article on bloggers, he confesses he has never read a blog himself. “Suzy Menkes used to be the queen of the castle and used to have the word. Other people have the word now and that is a good thing. She feels threatened by it and writes an article revealing how threatened she actually feels.”

Binns choses an online newspaper over magazines, magazines make him angry. “They are not loyal, they use my jewelry and then use anything that looks like mine. They do not give a sh*t.”

What he would love to do in the next 30 years of his career? “I want to take it a bit further, not do any compromises anymore. A compromise is a diet that other people create for you, why would you have the crums when you could have the whole cake? I want to write my books and tell my stories (referring to the more overwhelming pieces he makes at home).”

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