When we think of a classic shoe, most of the time it is a black pump that pops up from the back of our minds. One of the most classic shoes out there though, in my opinion are Converse sneakers. They have been out there for decades, they never changed a bit and they will not disappear quite soon.

Despite the fact that I used to love wearing these with a super simple and comfy look, I now rather go for contrast and mix them with a sophisticated skirt -that means knee length in my vocabulary- instead of a pair of skinny jeans and the perfect white t-shirt.

You know how they say if the shoe fits, get them in multiple colors. I am currently thinking of going even more classic and get them in black. What do you think?

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  1. Yess, converse sneakers are one of the most timeless items! You never can wrong with them! I also like to style them with a more girly look to mix it a bit up! I don’t know what it is but I don’t like the black version of them! But again, they are timeless like hell!

  2. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Ik heb ook de off white versie, laag en het zijn absoluut mijn meest gedragen én gecombineerde schoenen. De zwarte staan ook op mijn wensenlijstje en ik denk dat ik ze ook maar snel ga halen. Altijd goed!

    xo Sari

  3. I wore my pair of white Converse yesterday and this morning my foot sole and my back are so sore… I think my body misses high heels. But as you say, they are a good change to break a classic look. A pair of black Converse, Go for it Tiger !

    XX Françoise

  4. I love how they can be worn by every kind of person and always look right. Babies, teens adults… This is the only item I can think of, that manages to stay cool even though EVERYBODY owns a pair. I love that, and I love all my All Stars :)

  5. I love these shoes for a while now and I don’t think that there is one shoe you can compare with those. Black ones are classic you’re right and the really fit to everything, I have 2 black pairs myself and nearly where them every day. But I also got some green ones. Not the normal green but more pastel, looks kind of grassy, and I love them even more than the black, because they give that special pop to an simple outfit, what I really love! Just have a try and see if it works for you! and visit my blog if you want!
    love Lea

    • @STYLE CROISSANT: I am not too fond of neon, but I like the thought of adding some color, so I will definitely think about it.

  6. Love them!!!! Had them for years. And when you buy new ones, you are still as excited as when you got your first pair! All stars rule! In every colour!

  7. I’ve dedicated a whole board onto converse shoes on pinterest, hehe.. love my black ones, but looking for the all white version now..

  8. Als ik even niet zo snel weet welke schoenen aan te doen, grijp ik meestal meteen naar mijn creme/gele converse schoenen. Maar ze worden vooral gebruikt voor een avondje stappen, haha :)

    Wil ze ook nog heel graag in het zwart!

  9. Ben het helemaal met je eens. Jammer genoeg zijn de mijne niet bepaald meer wit, omdat ik ze zoveel heb gebruikt. Nu heb ik ‘burgundy’ besteld, maar die wil ik liever wel schoon houden haha

  10. I agree with you, Converse shoes are great! But I think that the short, white one are the most classic. I have black and white and love them both.

    You should clean your shoes, I know that the white one become dirty veeeery fast, but seeing these shoes white and shining is priceless :D

  11. I so agree. A total classic and when sneakers are mentioned as a part of the basic wardrobe, I immediately come to think of the Converse All Star. Wishing for a pair from the smoked canvas limited edition.

  12. I think it would be better to go for military green or grey ones or some other colour. I really don`t like black converse, even if I love them, but in other colours. :)) maybe you can go for all star light version high tops? :)

  13. converse are simple perfect. I could wear them every day and actually have them in black and want them in your white edition. haha so I can definitely recommend the black was ;)

    X, Annie

  14. A sale is just not you? Oh my. What an aristocrat! Of course we wouldn’t expect a trend setter like you to stoop to looking at the fashion left overs. You need good lighting, and a peaceful atmosphere at all times, no? What a crock of poop. Well, you probably don’t have the imagination to use an unusual piece anyhow. While I like a lot of the same brands as you do, I don’t think I like you at all.

    In that spirit; I love Converse. Black and white only. Never did go for the colors. I like Keds too. In navy. Ok. Guess you just remoinded me why I don’t read these personal blogs.