Saying it is magical being a part of around 1.500 guests gathering together at the custom-built Burberry Prorsum show venue in Hyde Park is kind of an understatement. I have been to shows where I had to pinch my own upper arm to make sure I was not dreaming, but never have I been to one that made me almost cry just a little.

Was it the collection? Was it Tom Odell performing his debut single ‘Hold Me’? Was it seeing a friend* dealing with the same salty waters pinching through her eyes on the other side of the venue? Was it the stress from having to run straight to the airport after the show to be able to catch the plane to Amsterdam on time? I guess it was a bit of all of that ánd London being a complete circus, but more on that later.

Anyway, thank you Christopher Bailey for reminding me I need a red coat. And a plastic see-through one. Oh, and maybe also an animal printed glossy calfskin one? Now I know this was not the last show on the schedule, but it was the last one on my London schedule. A worthy clincher before I am off to Milan for the very first time after spending three days in Amsterdam to mainly do my laundry.

*keeping her anonymous in this one…

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  1. oh, I cried when I saw the previous show of the SS13 collection.
    I was in London, standing outside the venue in a crowd of bloggers and I could hear the music from the show. I was moved when I saw the show online afterwards and decided that one day, I want to see a Burberry Show. Live. Because Bailey does it right, every single time. So congratulations to have seen the show!
    xo Charlotte – aliceroxy