When Yara took me to Sephora back in New York in between shows – picture her with shopping basket, me obediently right behind her – she immediately went for a pink spongy egg. “What the h*ll are you going to do with that?”, was my response and in about 10 overenthusiastic minutes, she explained why this so called Beautyblender is everyone’s make-up bag essential.

One thing was clear, this egg was going to change my life. And so I grabbed a basket too and filled it with a pink egg.

Back in our apartment, I skeptically wet the egg to double its size and apply my foundation without getting my hands dirty (I normally use my hands as a brush) or getting those ugly brush stripes.

Score #1!

When I looked in the mirror, it was like oh my god, it looks like you’re photoshopped! Flawless.

Score #2!

PS: The only thing is that the sponge gets kinda gross really quickly (as you can see) and only lasts for about three months.

Beautyblender, Sephora.


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  1. gooooosh its perfect hahaha :-)

    1. Nice discovery!

      Kisses from

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  2. There are mixed reviews about the beauty blender. I haven’t tried it yet. Usually I’m not a fan of sponges.


    xx Mira

    1. Me neither, but I really think this one is amazing!

  3. Iiiiiinteresting…I’ll try. Thank god Sephora is everywhere


  4. I’ve heard of that thing a lot recently… Might be time to try it.

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  5. The first thing that crossed my mind was; nipple! Haha!

  6. It does look like an odd beauty thing! But it is supposed to work magically. A lot of my friends are hooked on beauty blenders!

  7. Real Techniques heeft sinds kort ook zo een ei, de Miracle Complexion Sponge, waarover veel beautybloggers ook erg lovend zijn. En een voordeel is dat dit ei goedkoper is als de BeautyBlender. Misschien het proberen waard over drie maanden? :)

  8. Too bad we don’t have a Sephora anymore in Holland!

    XOXO Maud


  9. Zo op het eerste gezicht lijkt er niks bijzonders aan, maar het klinkt geweldig! ; )


  10. I would have never guessed what it was!
    Mafalda ❤

  11. I have one of these and think I must have used it a total of four times – I always go back to my ‘finger-brush’!

  12. that’s awesome! i have to buy some to try it out at least

  13. Ik zou dit ook heel graag nog eens willen testen!

  14. op modegebied vind ik je altijd super vooruitstrevend, maar nu denk ik: waarom kom je daar nu pas achter, haha?! heb je trouwens wel de bijbehorende cleanser? want daar kun je hem heel goed schoon mee krijgen. dan gaat ie echt veel langer dan 3 maanden mee hoor.

  15. I think I would love this!

  16. Really wonderful thing ~ ~

  17. Oh my beloved sephora egg <3 <3 I totally know what you're talking about!!! :)

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