One of the most often asked questions I get is probably what beauty products I am currently using. Of course I am no expert in this area, but I would say I am quite particular choosing my products. Let me introduce to you a monthly overview of my current favorites, starting with:

L’eau de Chloé perfumed bubbles
Origins ginger souffle whipped body cream
Yves Saint Laurent (or is it Saint Laurent Paris?) Touche Éclat 2
Chanel Le Vernis in April, May and June


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  1. Thanks god, YSL won’t change its name for the make up & perfume section ^^ I have the same touch éclat, and I love to use it !

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

    x For Happy Days

  3. ohh I just love beauty posts :) I’ve looked back in your achieve after which camera you use for taken pictures because your pics are truly AMASING. so which canon is it, and is it the same camera your boyfriend use when he takes picture of you? :)

  4. I love every piece of this pictures… Photos of make up are my favorite!

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  5. The colours of your nailpolishes are really nice!

  6. Prachtig! Heb zelf “may”van Chanel ook..LOVE IT!


  7. I have seen many people having the chanel nail polish but am not sure if there is a big difference to the cheaper version there are available at topshop sometime. Do you think there is any difference?

    1. @Martha: Not really, I just love the bottles and colors of Chanel so much, but the quality of OPI is way better.

  8. I was very confident in Chanel nail polishes. Their colours are amazing but they chip before the end of the day. Very disappointing for such expensive products !

    1. @Daisy Roadster and Coco: Yes, the polishes are pretty damn bad, but I just love the colors too much!

  9. I’m dying to try Touche Éclat but we have to admit: it is quite expensive. But I’ve heard the best reviews about it and I believe it will do wonders to my dark circles.

    1. @Sara Morais: Yes it is expensive, but I love it!

  10. Love those nail polish colors :)

  11. Chanel has the best polish nails ever <3

  12. Chanel June is an essential of mine too ;)

  13. I’d love to try the touche d’ eclat once. Pretty polishes !
    new outfit post

  14. Die Chanelnagellakjes “May” en “June” zijn echt prachtig!

  15. You always look so fresh and natural, love that. I think it’s kinda ridiciulous Yves Saint Laurent changed his name to Saint Laurent Paris, I don’t like it… ♥-Axelle

  16. Great products! I’m also a big Fan of Touche éclat! Which foundation and blush do you use?

  17. More or less I follow the same make up regime. I never get out of the house without my touche eclat and my chloe perfume! :)

  18. Ik kan ook echt niet zonder de touche eclat… Is de tweede versie beter? Ik heb de eerste die ik ook heeeel fijn vind!

    1. @isabelle: Het is niet een tweede versie, het is kleur nr 2 ;)

  19. Red is my altime favorite color of nnailpolish! Love this one

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