You ask, I deliver. This morning I asked on Facebook what you wanted my next post to be and ‘a house tour’ was the most frequent answer I got. My boyfriend and I moved in together back in April and the house is of course everything but finished. We are currently collecting things that we like and try to create a cool mix of a bit of industrial and modern, but above all comfortable. Our coolest find so far are two old factory lamps from Czechoslovakia, that are now hanging above our dining table.

ps/ I might do a bigger house tour post when there is more to show…


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  1. Where did you buy this table?

    1. @mirim: The coffee table or dining table? Coffee is from Hay, dining is from Loods5.

  2. This is such a great post! I can’t wait to see your next posts on the subject!

  3. Love the clean lines and minimalism! and I love those candles on the table! they are too cute! ;) xo Alma

  4. Wauw! De lampen zijn inderdaad erg mooi. Leuk dat gecreëerde hoekje van Vogue! Xx

  5. Very pretty interior, totally our own style. Where did you buy the big vase with the bea-uti-ful colours?

    1. @Les Filles de la Ville: Thank you! We got that vase from a friend!

  6. Wow I love love love your blog! And those chairs! where did you get them??:D
    xxx V

    1. @Véronique: They’re from Kartell (Philippe Starck) and called Victoria Ghost. Xx

  7. Wow, i love the crisp white minimalist and contemporary design/decor of your house. I love the base/pot which add a lovely splash of colour. Can’t wait to see the ‘big’ house tour soon. :)

  8. Gorgeous photos! I adore that white table.



  9. Ik mis het dakterras, heb je daar nog mooie meubels staan ;)

  10. I have been waiting for this! Wooden table + Ghost chairs seems to be a popular combination nowadays. Looks great, hope to see more soon!

  11. It seems like a cool interior!can’t wait to see more of it:)

  12. very interesting! looking forward to seeing more of it soon :)

  13. The vase is just supreme! Do you have any idea where it is from! Love the colors very. Much!

    1. @From Madrid with Style: She bought it at a vintage shop and it’s originally from Berlin, that’s all I know ;)

  14. Love the minimal trendy style and the fact that white prevails!!

  15. this looks already great. I like this mix of industrial and modern. the lamps are super nice

    X, Annie

  16. hi,
    I really enjoy your place, it’s very in your style :) and I simply adore that vase. the colours and pattern seems to be matched perfectly and this touch of orange is breathtaking! :)

  17. It looks amazing! Are those Philippe Starck ghost chairs? Love them xx

  18. GREAT thanks so much… love the lucite chair xxxx

  19. I love the post because it is minimal and about little parts of the house, the shelfs with magazines and little bottle look beuaitful. Congrats on you and your bf :)


  20. Oh yes, love it!
    Ik herken een heleboel meubelen, ik werk in een woonwinkel in Amsterdam, waar ik jou geloof ik laastst ook spotte!

  21. Ziet er mooi uit! Vind die ghost stoelen echt zo vet!

  22. This post made me smile, especially the lamps from Czechoslovakia! I’m Slovak – so cheers for that :)
    Nice post! x

  23. Oh wat een fijn interieur! Ben benieuwd naar meer :)

  24. beautiful interior. I really love the stlye of your house.


  25. Oh wauw, heel mooi! De vaas en lamp zijn echt heel vet!


  26. great! were is this coffie table from? who design it?

    1. @emma: it’s from Hay ;)

  27. Wauw! Vooral die vaas! Lijkt echt gigantisch, hoe hoog is die?

  28. your house is amazing.. kind of like your clothes style too! really clean and simple but just interesting enough and so classic:) just beautiful.. hope you do that bigger post when you’re finished as well!

  29. Your house seems so beauitufl! I love it. Very manimalistic.

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  30. Thanks for those pretty glimpses into your home! I love the ghost chair with this sturdy wood table. What a great contrast, and that vase is pretty amazing too.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  31. Exellent photography!!!

  32. Wow, I was looking forward to see how you decorated your house, and now I saw it I am in love. You did a great job.

  33. Wauw jullie huisje ziet er heel mooi uit, veel geluk samen!

  34. i love! – the style, the classy colors and the simplicity!

    thumbs up – well done!


  35. Looks very pretty and clean.

  36. Can I get all those books please? <3<3

  37. Even if I never knew this is your house I could totally guess it! Perfectly minimal with the proper dose of edgy chic! I especially love the huge colorful vase!

  38. it´s beautiful’
    i didn´t notice you moved :)
    czechoslovak lamps are cool, but don´t forget it´s now czech rep and slovak rep…:)
    you´re welcome to prague anytime!:)

    1. @katie: Yes, we moved in together while I was in Paris for Fashion Week ;) Yes of course, I would love to come to Prague one day.

  39. My boyfriend and I really love that style to, me a bit more extreme than he does but yeah… Now it’s only waiting for moving in together;)



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  40. Oh no-no-no – your best find is the amazing floor vase! It’s so beautiful! Can see that you got from a friend… Darn it! I’m so in love with it..

  41. de meubelen zien er echt mooi uit !
    new outfit post

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