White pumps are something I have never tried ever before and I thought my first time would be at my wedding – which will not happen anytime soon. Nevertheless I am wearing these gorgeous (and comfy!) white J.W.Anderson for Aldo pumps today and I believe they go perfectly well with the new fancy pants that I made this week. Fancy shoes AND jeans ask for a casual top, hence the utterly soft LNA jumper in this beautiful color I can not describe, but it is right in between dove grey and light minty green.

LNA jumper, diy Levi’s jeans and J.W. Anderson x Aldo shoes.

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  1. The perfect Spring edgy chic look!! Love your new white heels and how well the blend with the gorgeous jeans!! Your gorgeous smile and the minimal undertones give this look the most contemporary and fashion-forward tone!

  2. Great Outfit. Your blog is fantastic!

    The diy jeans is so awesome, would love to have this one, too! :)

    Greetings from


  3. wow,in love with those jeans!I love how you bleached them on the right places,I hope I’ll figure it out too cause I’m gonna bleach one of mine;)

  4. The jeans are beautiful, of course, and so are the shoes … but I’m upset about your wedding comment! You & Lesley are too cute to not get hitched and have cute fashionable babies!


  5. I love, love, love your pants! Thinking about doing this diy myself! Just ordered white pumps – they are definitely must have shoes this spring :) you are a great inspiration!

  6. I am very impressed with this! First of you, you are extremely handy with diy because these look really great. I had never seen your blog before, and it has struck me of its professionality and how pretty you are to be honest! You are very stylish, and I have the same opinion about white shoes… you have changed it totally now! im going to buy a pair!!
    I think you are going to like my blog, because it has the same clean lines and ideas to yours.
    Give it a try, I honestly think you are going to be a fan! anyway, leave a comment and let me know you came around!

    from Spain,

  7. I have to ask you, how long did you let your jeans soak in the bleach? Mine are in right now, with a whole bottle of ‘dunne bleek’ and lots of water though. I just realised you’re Dutch, when I saw the kind of bleach you used :D Which I believe was the ‘dikke’ kind. Your jeans turned out real great, and I don’t wanna take mine out too early. Would really appreciate your expert DIY advice :)

    • @Cecilia: Haha, ik heb hem er echt een halve dag in laten zitten, je moet wachten tot je hem in de emmer al wit genoeg vindt, maar check regelmatig of je jeans nog heel is, want bleek is niet heel goed voor de stof. X

  8. Ah, super thanks! Bij mij is het ook goed gelukt – alleen – ik had iets minder hard moeten bundelen, had graag iets groter/meer vlekken willen hebben haha (weer te bescheiden – aarrggh). Maar, ze zijn wel stoerder dan ervoor haha.

    Ik moet zeggen, dit is de eerste (inspirerende) Nederlandse blog die ik heb ontdekt – ik kom uit Zweden, en daar is het echt vol met fashion blogs links en rechts :-) Dus na 6 jaar in Nederland – eindelijk een lokale inspiratie bron :-) En erg leuk dat je af en toe antwoord geeft aan de commentares. That’s rare ;-)

  9. Wauw goed gelukt seg die broek!! En geweldig zijn je witte schoenen, vind witte schoenen vaak erg moeilijk maar deze zijn helemaal juist!