Aaand back to the usual black, with what it seems to be tons of layers that is. Can you believe I am wearing a woolen coat in April?

COS jacket, Queens Wardrobe coat, Eudon Choi leather top, Samsoe & Samsoe leather pants, Zara shoes and Céline sunglasses and bag.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot


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  1. Love total black looks. Very nice outfit!!!

  2. Great mix of textures to make an all black outfit even more interesting x

  3. Your sunglasses are to die for!

    Hope you have fabulous weekend!

  4. Heel leuk dit! <3
    Ik hou echt van 'all black outfits' :)


  5. Wauw je ziet er weer prachtig uit!

  6. You look absolutely lovely all in black!

  7. Hello Matrix meets Vogue.

  8. Wauw, dit is echt een gave outfit. Staat je goed!

  9. Love it, such a simple but elegant look. You can’t go wrong with classic black! I was wearing lots of black and leather yesterday too, click my name to see :) X

  10. Amazing photos!!! absolutly you look gorgeous in total black!!

    xx alex

    check my new post, too:

  11. Love this total black outfit!

  12. Love it. You look so elegant! :)

  13. so chic. so classic. you look PHENOMENAL

  14. I call that kind of styling “Matrix”-styling!!! :))))

  15. I’ve been following your blog for ages, and although I know you’re not a colour-fan, seeing all of your outfits is starting to get a bit dull. I mean, don’t misunderstand me, but checking your style, always so dark, so boring… has made me want to check your blog only once every three or four weeks to see if there are any changes, instead of checking it almost daily as I used to do.

    I do like your style though, cuz most of your stuff is pretty “wereable” but I’d like to see more vivid stuff, more “happiness”. This is so grey…

    Hope you don’t take this comment as an offense, but more as a personal opinion from someone who has been following you almost since yoy began blogging.

    Helena x

  16. Geweldige outfit, ik vind de zonnebril echt práchtig!

  17. Loving the all black look. I’m so sick of ultra cold weather – it’s terrible!

  18. YOU ROCK!!!

    Love this look!

  19. It’s a good outfit but actually I can’t believe you’re wearing black in Aplir!!

  20. Those leather trousers are beautiful! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  21. wauw, dit staat zo stoer en mysterieus!

  22. And yet you go around barefoot ;-)

    Great look though!


  23. Total black but with a mix of materials (leather, cotton, wool) , as you do it very well !!
    Nice week-end, Françoise.

  24. Your ponytail is so perfectly messy.. Love it! Xx

  25. Stunning. Such a classic outfit.

  26. This my favorite look from your recent posts. You look incredibly sharp, and I love the mix of textures.

  27. Love the all black look…
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  28. i love this black minimalistic ensemble :) x

  29. Great outfit and love the messy ponytail! It’s perfect! xx Kayin

  30. Great outfit! Love the black :)
    xo Madeleine

  31. Crazy about just about everything in this post. Simple pieces but so strong

  32. yes. I feel like it has been a cool spring. Like I feel like i should be able to wear skirts and dresses and shorts but not yet it seems. unless you wear tights or something. oh well, the time will come!!! great outfit though, I always love your looks.

  33. love this outfit, even though I agree on not liking to wear a coat in april. the messy hair do is really nice by the way!
    X, Annie

  34. Love the outfit! Could you maybe show how you make that ponytail? I’m trying for months and it doesn’t work as perfectly as yours.

  35. Wow you look awsome in your all black outfit!
    Love it

    x Lianne

  36. Simlpy love the bag!

  37. Those celine sunglasses are just amazing! And the black and leather look just left me speechless

  38. one can never go wrong with a well put together all black ensemble. Love the leather pants, been looking for similar one.

  39. One of the best stylistas who can mix an all black ensemble really well. So glad that I come here often for some basics inspirations. You’re literally, so good Sabrina! Talk about that fourth photo. Superb xx

  40. wat zie je er toch weer prachtig uit!
    En een all-black-look is bij jou nooit saai, dus laat er vooral meer zien! :)

  41. A great total black outfit! Well done!


  42. It’s an amazing outfit. LOVE it!

  43. Love, love, love this outfit!!!

  44. Ik zag je ook op de app bij ‘Look of the day’. Looking great :)

  45. Love the monochrome effect and more so the layering which is masterful and so “clean” Is it really so cold still in Amsterdam?

    Methinks you really should pay a visit to sunny Greece ;)

  46. the lady in black. love :-)

  47. Hoi Sabrina,

    af en toe laat ik een comment achter, ben groot fan van je stijl, maar zoals iemand anders ook al zei, de ene keer is het nog net iets mooier dan de andere keer en deze foto’s vind ik echt de mooiste van de afgelopen weken. Zag net dat het na koninginnedag weer gaat regenen, dus misschien toch nog een tijdje ‘zwart’ vóór dat het echte mooie weer komt (moet toch ooit beginnen!).


  48. I LOVE this outfit! The only thing I don’t like are the sunglasses! I prefer ray ban, classy :)

  49. lovely outfit!

    new post on my blog
    sun and sea

  50. Absolutely love this !
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  51. I love the all-black look on you and your hair looks amazing like this! I always try to do the messy ponytail, but it never works for me. You look gorgeous :)

  52. I’m a girl who dresses black head to toe often and I really love this outfit you wore, really inspiring!

    Jasmine xx.

  53. Super cool outfit, really like the all black look!

  54. What an amazing outfit and bag!!

  55. You matched everything so great with each other.

  56. Your whole outfit is to die for! …and your sunglasses are AMAZING! : ) xoxo, Natalie

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