What the Dutch do when the sun starts shining? Visit their ugly beaches. Our beaches will probably never make it into the top-10 prettiest beaches in the world, though I love to spend my days there. The endless view the sea has to offer, compared to the big buildings in Amsterdam is just so relaxing.

Samsoe & Samsoe shirt, vintage shorts and Céline sunglasses.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot


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  1. i love your levi’s shorts! perfect beach outfit!

    love, selina

  2. i love the photos! pretty amazing!

  3. Mooie fotos! Vind dat korte haar je echt zo mooi staan.

  4. Great beach outfit!! I love your hat, simply perfect for
    sunny days. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  5. Very nice beachy outfit! Xx

  6. I love your look. It looks so relaxed. And it’s not the normal beach dress, I like !!!

    Marie from

  7. Perfect look for the perfect summer weekend ;) leuke hoed!



  8. I’ve been looking for a pair of vintage levi’s shorts for ages! yours are beautiful!


  9. The beach is my passion! During winter or summer I just love it! I find it so relaxing, I love going for long walks!! The look is perfect for the beach!

  10. Germans do the same! This North Sea beaches aren’t very pretty compared to those of my homeland, Spain, but they are a wonderful getaway with this nice weather!

    By the way, you look gorgeous!

  11. Effortless, comfortable look ! Very nice. Like your shorts and belt !
    Have a nice day, Françoise.

  12. heel mooi ! Waar heb je , je hoed gekocht ?

    1. @suzan: Die heb ik geleend, ik heb geen idee waar hij van is, sorry!

  13. WOW, wat een prachtige foto’s en een nog mooiere outfit!
    Keep up the good work!



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  14. Love the shorts! Nice pictures!

  15. Love your beach look! So stylish! xx

  16. i love the photos, the lighting is so pretty! :) your levi’s shorts look amazing too!

  17. Oh, I want to have the shorts, too!! :)

  18. i’m really fond of the shorts!ps come to Greece to see the best beaches and the biggest sun you’ve ever seen!!!!!:)))))

  19. Really cool pictures!


  20. It can’t be worse than the Belgian seaside, lol. // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  21. Haha aw well you’re right – even with an ugly beach it’s always so nice to be near the sea! Love the shorts & your belt, you look beautiful as always! :)

    B x

  22. amazing pics, love the colours! x For Happy Days

  23. Great look!
    Love pictures at the beach!

  24. I am in love with these pictures!

  25. LOVE this outfit! and the pictures are beautiful!!!

  26. I totally agree! And the beach is just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, that’s what I love the most!

  27. These are really beautiful photos! You do a pretty good job of making your beaches look gorgeous.

    Sea and Swank

  28. A perfect outfit for spring, I love the color of the shirt.

  29. Minimal chic and gorgeous, even barefoot at the beach. It’s so funny what people consider ugly. For me having the privilege to have experienced the subjectively “beautiful” beaches in Greece, I still find myself enraptured by the Dutch beaches and their cloudy melancholy flair. I have somehow come to be disgusted by the beach-bar mainstream packed kind.

  30. Prachtige foto’s

    XO Charlotte

  31. Abbigliamento perfetto per la location scelta per queste stupende foto.
    Un bacio

  32. Stunning photos, love the beach and the setting! Such an inspiration!


  33. Lovely pictures! Make me want to hit the beach.

  34. you look amazing. I love the pictures

  35. Haha grappig ! als het mooi weer is ga ik toch ook het liefst van al naar onze ( ook lelijke ) belgische stranden, tenzij ik op vakantie ben natuurlijk
    new outfit post !

  36. I like this outfit, casual and sexy!!!
    mmm love spring… good weather to go to the beach. Here in Mallorca it’s amazing.

  37. Love all the photos.

  38. shirt and classic jeans looks great. like the hat as an accessorie
    pictures are lovely,
    follow me and say hello ;)

  39. Loves it! perfect simple outfit :)

  40. I just have to say: your hair looks so good short! And I really like your blog, it’s cool and effortless.

  41. Italian beach are always full of tourist, you can see the sea because there are to much running and streaming children! I envy you, this beach seems so quite and relaxing! Cool photos!
    from Venice…

  42. Love the Levi’s shorts: so masculine and sexy, look like cut 501!!

  43. You look amazing..
    nice pics <3

  44. i love u blog! really nice photography~~ and the the atmosphere of u blog is just amazing! :D

  45. you still manage to look lovely with wind swept hair!

  46. Hello Sabrina!
    This is Min from CeCi magazine.
    I love love love your outfit!
    I sent you email for press request!
    Would you respond back to me please? thank you :-)


  47. Hoe kun je nu zeggen dat de Nederlandse stranden lelijk zijn?! Begrijp ik echt niets van :-\

  48. Mooie foto’s en hele coole outfit. En voor mooie Hollandse stranden kun je in Zeeland je hart ophalen :).

  49. The shirt is perfect, such a good idea to find a light black shirt for the summer!
    Anneli x http://WWW.OWLINVOGUE.COM

  50. Stunning photos. I officially want to go to the beach.

  51. This beach doesn’t look so ugly to me!! I would love to know where it is! :)

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