What the Dutch do when the sun starts shining? Visit their ugly beaches. Our beaches will probably never make it into the top-10 prettiest beaches in the world, though I love to spend my days there. The endless view the sea has to offer, compared to the big buildings in Amsterdam is just so relaxing.

Samsoe & Samsoe shirt, vintage shorts and Céline sunglasses.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. The beach is my passion! During winter or summer I just love it! I find it so relaxing, I love going for long walks!! The look is perfect for the beach!

  2. Germans do the same! This North Sea beaches aren’t very pretty compared to those of my homeland, Spain, but they are a wonderful getaway with this nice weather!

    By the way, you look gorgeous!

  3. i’m really fond of the shorts!ps come to Greece to see the best beaches and the biggest sun you’ve ever seen!!!!!:)))))

  4. Minimal chic and gorgeous, even barefoot at the beach. It’s so funny what people consider ugly. For me having the privilege to have experienced the subjectively “beautiful” beaches in Greece, I still find myself enraptured by the Dutch beaches and their cloudy melancholy flair. I have somehow come to be disgusted by the beach-bar mainstream packed kind.

  5. Hello Sabrina!
    This is Min from CeCi magazine.
    I love love love your outfit!
    I sent you email for press request!
    Would you respond back to me please? thank you :-)