I’d say this is a lifechanging coat for me, no? Most of my outerwear is either black or darkgrey, so I’d thought I’d go for the opposite for once and choose white. Apart from the fact that it gets dirty real quick, I LOOOVE it!

Gotta play Wendy the Builder again, we’re painting our house at the moment and I can’t let the boyfriend do all the dirty work.

Won Hundred coat, Samsoe & Samsoe leather pants, Alexander Wang boots, Kurt Geiger bag and Rayban sunglasses.

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  1. Hele mooie jas, ik vind alleen de foto’s niet zo goed, volgens mij combineert die jas heel goed met je broek door het contrast, maar dat zie je nu nauwelijks. Misschien was beter geweest als je ook een foto had geschoten waarin je zit, ach ik weet het ook niet, ben geen expert. Ik vind je stijl nog steeds geweldig en wil niet te negatief over komen, je doet heel erg je best en ik kijk elke dag graag naar je blog!


  2. Ice white coat!! It suits you perfectly! You’re so fresh and absolutely wonderful as ever! Love the textured crispness of the coat and how simply beautiful you look my dear Sabrina! :)
    Many hugs from Athens!

  3. your coat from Whyred is amazing!! honestly, you look super stylish in white. when little details do matter, this coat has definitely got lots to offer Sabrina =) more close-up shots next time with the coat ?? :D I like the knitted look of it. and yes, pairing it up with a few dark tones is subtle and good. a nice approach to a wintery day I suppose ???

    have a beautiful day,

    Cath from stylehostess.

  4. when i read your blog i feel like im spinning into a whirlwind of washed away dreams glitter dust flowers lost fairies and complete magical atmosphere it brings me into a calm wave i love your posts keep it up X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess

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