Seriously thinking about a drastic hair change, for example cutting it short like Mira Duma in these pictures (maybe a slightly tiny bit longer). The boyfriend does not approve though and came up with going blonde instead… I have not decided yet though, since my last drastic change – when I got a horrifying fringe – didn’t work out too well.

ph/ The Photodiarist

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  1. I think it’s better to cut your hair than dye it…if you don’t like short hair it will grow, but if you dye and don’t like it, then it’s difficult to return to your original color (and you have a very nice natural color btw)

  2. Don’t dye it, I like your natural hair colour! Besides that, it damages your hair, especcially when you go blonde, you have to grow it out….
    I like the Miroslava look, would go for that.

  3. little cutting can be refreshing for hair and general image, so I approve :) but in my opinion your light brown colour is perfect for you and blond isn’t a good idea]
    cheers :)

  4. How is cutting off 3 inches drastic?
    Seriously…hate the whole girly girl mentality of hair being super precious.
    ITS JUST HAIR – it will grow back, sheesh.
    Even worse is that you have to look for your boyfriend’s approval.
    That’s just a sad moment for women everywhere

    • @sandy: I was hoping everyone would see I was exaggerating a bit here. I don’t ever seek for my boyfriends approval, if I would do that I would be dressing very very differently.

  5. Doen!
    Het zal je heel mooi staan!
    Als je het doet, er is een actie van het kanker fonds.
    Als je jou haar afknipt (vanaf een bepaalde lengte) Kunnen zij daar mooie pruiken van maken voor zieke mensen. Klinkt misschien best apart he, maar ook wel weer mooi.


  6. Just get some blond low lights and hight lights, something just to make your hair look more natural, then going all blond ( which can be high maintenance every month because of the re growth). Get a trim or work on the flow of the hair. Hope this helps you out. P.s There is nothing wrong when your boyfriend has a opinion to give, better have and opinion from him then nothing at all ;)

  7. - its not a drastic change and its not short !! a few inches off will make it look healthy and thicker – if you do go blonde it is easy to go back to brown (if done properly) – veggie dyes are really conditioning and semi – permanents are glossy and conditioning these days too
    (ps im a hairdresser!)
    do it !! xx

  8. Men are so boringly predictable, they want their girls to look all sexy with long blonde locks!
    If I were you I would go for what you want – ignore the bf – what does he know? ;)
    I am about to dye my hair from black to red tomorrow, after being black for around 10 years..

    Anneli x

  9. You should totally cut your hair shorter, maybe not as short if you don’t want it to be too drastic. But that cut complements every face shape, so you’re safe there!
    Funny story, I had a dream that I met you and you turned blonde around a month ago. It wasn’t bad but you look like a typical blonde girl if you turn blonde.
    So advise you to cut your hair! Trust me! It’ll feel weird at first but you’ll get used to it and actually like it. (I also had long hair and have cut it that short)

  10. You’re one of those unique cases that no matter what you’d try you would still look gorgeous, I’d opt for ombre in your place but not give a huge contrast. Natural is always beautiful and people like us know that minimal is always the best choice.

    ps going blonde is all bf dream. I mean do they attend a secret indoctrination or something? My guy always tells me to do that but I remain constant to my honey natural color! :)

  11. haha i just left a comment for another one of my blogging babes telling her to do the chop! you should totes do it too – exact like mira! will suit you so much!! xx

  12. Oeh spannend! Ik denk dat een korter kapsel je heel goed zal staan. Ik zou het niet te kort knippen, maar ik denk dat bovenstaand idee een heel goed idee is ;) Persoonlijk ben ik niet zo van het blonderen… één omdat ik je huidige haarkleur heel mooi vind en twee omdat het vaak toch “nep” oogt. Vooral met blond. Misschien dat het wel een idee is om de “ombre” stijl weer te kiezen in combinatie met een korter kapsel? Stiekem denk ik dat het je allemaal heel goed zou staan. Ben benieuwd wat het gaat worden. Uiteindelijk moet jij er, iedere ochtend dat je voor de spiegel staat, blij mee zijn :)

    xo Sari

  13. Ik denk dat het je heeel mooi zal staan! Je hebt een prachtige kaaklijn. En ik herinner me een foto van jou met bob (heel lang geleden haha, toen je nog Ketshi was, oh my, ik volg je echt al lang) en dat vond ik echt geweldig!

  14. Ik zou het proberen, in de zomer groeit het ook weer snel aan mocht het niet mooi zijn. Maar denk dat het je goed staat hoor! En af en toe is verandering goed :)

  15. Haha I just showed your picture to my hairdresser when I tried to explain what colour I wanted :) I think you should not ruin your perfect color, but a bit shorter look would look amazing!

  16. Ik heb m’n haar ook afgeknipt dankzij haar, omdat het zoveel
    frisser en ook unieker staat! Ik denk dat het je erg tof zou staan, doen!!
    P.s. Jongens vinden lang haar nou eenmaal meestal mooier…Ben het er niet altijd mee eens! :)

  17. Actually I’ve had a drastic hair change myself which is from middle length ombre hair (as long as your hair now) to a pixie cut! I don’t regret cutting that much hair at all, actually I love my new hair! Well, if I was you I’d just go for what I like not caring about what boyfriend would think, simply because that’s MY hair! :P And I’m sure he only loves you because of your hair style! Yes? :) Haru x

  18. OOPS!! English mistake! :P
    I wanted to say “I’m sure he doesn’t only love you because of your hair style!” obviously!! Sorry Sabrina! Love your blog always! x

  19. Your boyfriend does not approve?? Since WHEN women have to be asking for men’s approval on a personal hairstyle!??? A lengh like Miroslava’s would look great on you!
    Go for it dear!

    xoxo Mary!

  20. Cut it!Definitely!A change is always good,but I’m not sure about the blond on you:)) I’m gonna cut my hair short in a few days,so it’s a yes from me;)

  21. I’m also having a ‘mid hair dip’ lately. I’ve also considered cutting it short again but everyone tells me not to. Otherwise those 2 years of almost not doing anything with my hair and letting it grow would be for nothing. I’d just wait and hope this dip will go away :) ♥-Axelle

  22. Miroslava’s sunnies!!
    By the way, if you still in the midst of thinking :P I see that going for Miss Duma’s hair cut wont be a big change for you. Trust me. The boyfrield will agree haha^^
    Your hair’s just a bit longer past the shoulders and trimming it shoulder length with a straighter cut is definitely a way :)
    but I would prefer cutting than dyeing your hair. the lightly ombre touch you have now is sufficient :)


  23. The key is to have a hairdresser you trust more than you fear change!
    I recently sat in the chair uttering no instructions other than “do what you like”, and now I am the proud owner of the chicest bob after a lifetime of long locks.
    Best. Decision. Ever.

    Enya xx
    (You can see my new hair in my post tomorrow!)