Remember this? I decided it was time to show you what a random day at -and even a little bit before and after- the afterDRK headquarters looks like. Starring…me and the boyfriend.

I was waking up in a Quainthood boyfriend shirt, then changed to a Kahlo leather skirt and suede shirt and wore a Nikicio to keep me warm. For the coffee date I changed to a dress from Kahlo. All clothes (via

video/ Lisa Galesloot


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  1. Super mooi filmpje Sabrina, echt inspirerend en clean, I like!


  2. Wat een mooie video! Erg leuk concept en natuurlijk suuuuper mooi gefilmd en gemonteerd door Lisa. Talentjes!

  3. I totally LOVE this. It looks so professional!

  4. Gaaf om te zien!! Mooi filmpje!
    xo madeleine

  5. I really like your blog and find it very inspiring but, sorry to say that, especially the beginning of the video is veeery cheesy. Too much, if you ask me, Sabrina.

  6. Wauw, echt een super mooi filmpje! X

  7. Echt heel leuk om te zien, super!

  8. Een heel leuk filmpje en wat kijken jullie ontzettend lief naar elkaar!

  9. This is an AMAZING video. I love the clothes, the idea, everything!! Lisa is so talented, and you and the boy are too cute!!


  10. WOAHHH Sabrina en Les, wat een supertof en mooi filmpje. Lisa, well done!! :) Ik word er helemaal vrolijk van! :)


  11. I loooove it…what a life youre having sabrina :) and such a beautiful couple you guys are..cheers to you both !

  12. Super mooi filmpje!

  13. Waaaaauw, amazing!

  14. Yes! Your videos are definitily the best ones! Love your basic/chic style! Greets :)

  15. Great video, very good quality! Want to see such video more often in your blog ;) And by the way, I really like your day ;)

  16. i am trying to find other words than amazing and amazing but i just can´t find the perfect word to describe this. THIS IS TRULY AMAZING BABES! ahhhhhhh good job everyone!


  17. This is AWESOME! You and your boyfriend are both GORGEOUS! You should make lots of videos. You rock! Keep it up! xoxo

  18. Wow, superfilmpje!

  19. Super leuk!

  20. Wat een mooie filmpje! Lisa heeft zichzelf weer overtroffen :)
    En ik denk dat je later echt nog heel blij gaat zijn met de beelden van jou en je liefje, leuk om zo spontane filmpjes van jullie dagelijks leven te hebben. Dat wordt later sowieso getoond op de trouw haha ;)

  21. Super leuk Sabrina!
    Leuk om eens te zien hoe het achter de ‘schermen’ gaat bij een andere blogger :) en mooi gefilmd ook.

  22. Great video! You should do this more often.
    xx from Croatia

  23. Heel leuk sabrina! Normaal laat ik bijna nooit een comment achter maar deze keer, omdat ik het zo’n leuk filmpje vind, zeker wel!

  24. Ik reageer eigenlijk nooit (ben een lurker op je site, sorry hihi!), maar kijk wel altijd. maar nu MOEST ik wel , want dit is echt het prachtigste filmpje I have ever seen! Zo goed gedaan door Lisa :D En jij en Lesley zijn echt een prachtig stel om te zien, zo schattig :D

  25. heel inspirerend!

  26. I love this video! It’s so nice, and it’s filmed amazingly, Lisa Galesloot is so talented

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  27. Wat leuk om een keer een kijkje achter de schermen te zien van jouw leven Sabrina! En niet te vergeten; wat zijn jij en Lesley een leuk stel :-)

  28. Waanzinnig mooi gemaakt? Eigenlijk wel benieuwd met welke camera… en wat er aan kleuren bijv. nog extra is na bewerkt?

  29. Super leuk!!

  30. Cool video & LOVE the soundtrack… who are the tunes by?

    1. @Natalie: Thank you! The songs are:
      The Leisure Society – Come To Your Senses
      Gold Panda – You
      Kakkmaddafakka – Your Girl

  31. Cool video!
    Which mascara do you apply in the video? Looks amazing!

  32. Oh my god! you guys are the cutest couple on earth!! Oh and love love love those Rag&Bone sunnies!

  33. What a lovely movie, I really enjoyed watching it. It’s so interesting so see a little part of your life. Xo

    – –

  34. I like your video!! I love your style!!!

  35. Superleuk filmpje Sabrina!
    Muziek past er ook mooi bij, heb ze al gedownload, vooral die van gold panda is erg leuk.


  36. Wauw echt super leuk gemaakt!

  37. Really enjoyed watching this video, great “advertorial”. You two make such a cute couple! And kudos to Lisa, I haven’t seen a video by her yet that I didn’t like.

  38. Ontzettend leuk filmpje! De muziek is ook heel goed uitgekozen erbij! Het is ook heel mooi gefilmd, je zou vaker filmpjes moeten maken :)

  39. Super leuk dat je ons op deze manier een kijkje in jullie leven gunt. Heel mooi gedaan!


  40. Great job ! Love all the outfits, but my favourite is the leather shorts and blue shirt (though i was a little embarrassed to see you in your intimacy at the begining, i’ll have to consider it was just for the movie !! ).
    Have a nice sunny day !

  41. Gorgeous video!! You and the boyfriend are so cute together too!

  42. what a wonderful video! great job! i’m really in love with it.


  43. Echt super gaaf filmpje!
    Heb er van genoten

  44. Love that Kahlo leather skirt!
    And you two make a really cute couple ^^

  45. gaaf filmpje, we hadden hem nog nooit gezien :)


  46. Great video ! the clothes are beautiful and perfect music !

  47. Wat een ontzettend leuk filmpje en zoals al eerder gezegd ook inderdaad hele goede muziek erbij. Heel leuk om dit van je te zien en god, wat heb je toch een ontzettend leuke stijl!

  48. Made my day! =)

  49. oh my goooooooooooooooooooood! Sabrinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(
    You are so beautiful this is unbelievable! You life looks perfect! You make me wanna ride a bike a do stuff like you! And the beginning is so romantic with you cute boyfriend!
    I love you kiss xx

  50. You are just amazing as always!
    Lovely couple with shinning eyes…
    LOVE IT!

  51. Aww what a nice video!
    I love your sunglasses they really fit you well, and you look gorgeous !

  52. So stylishly shot! Beautifully done.

  53. Wow this is super cute!!! Your boyfriend is a natural in front of the camera! I loved every moment of this. :D

  54. Oww, it’s so cute at the beginning ;) I love the idea! can’t wait for more :D

  55. WOW!! you really are very beautiful, and it’s amazing how in love you 2 are!!


  56. marvelous!!!!! super high five to Lisa !

  57. Not only do I love the sneak peek of your everyday-life but the editing of this video is really great! Great job!

  58. Wauw, écht een supermooi filmpje! Jij en Lesley zien er supergelukkig uit samen en ik vind het leuk om te zien hoe hij zo betrokken is bij jouw site.
    En tof om een kijkje in jouw/jullie leven te krijgen! More please!

  59. Such a great video, it’s a bit long but is really good!



    Style Route

  60. very professional video and such a cool idea! love that is absolutely real looking and very personal without being unprofessional! congrats for this cool video!

  61. Love this! You guys are adorable! So sending this to my boyfriend who takes all my blog photos haha. They’re the best :)


  62. Very cool, almost looks like some expensive brand commercial ;)


  63. OMG Sabrina this is waaaayy to cuteee & awesomee!! I really liked it! you’re living the good life, Congrats! Hope you keep inspiring us with more and more :)

  64. what’s the song at 1:47? :-)

  65. OH MY GOD!!! This is exactly what I wanted to do… Love, love, love the video. It’s amazing!!! Don’t even know what to say…

  66. I’m in love with this video, it’s so cool.

  67. Wauw wat een ontzettende leuke, mooie en lieve video!! prachtig en lijkt me zooo leuk om hier over een tijdje op terug te kijken! super prachtig stel zijn jullie!

  68. Awesome :)
    nice Lisa

  69. I love this so much. Especially the beginning with your boyfriend. Very very beautiful

  70. so relaxed and easy jet chic outfits! and hey your boyfriend’s so cute :) also a great photographer as it’s a nice time to mention! you 2 look so right together… well its a great video :) loved everything about it. greetings from slovenija. xoxo, u.

  71. Such a sweet, sweet video and really well done. I loved every moment :)

  72. Amazing video !!!! Love it !!!

  73. you are such a good inspiration!! thank you:)

    josefina – london streetstyle/style/interviews

  74. Amazing video, very pretty.
    Looking forward to the next one…

  75. awesomeeeee
    you should make more videos like this! love it!

  76. I absolutely love love love your blog!! I only recently stumbled across you and think that you are amazing and defo one of my top stylish bloggers! So thank you for your amazing blog and keep it coming! xxxx

  77. The video is amazing and your apartment is great! Your life looks pretty cool and stylish too!



  79. Amazing video! Great job, looks like a little movie!

  80. I love this video!! Your headquarter is great!!

  81. wow. I love this video. it is amazing. everything about it, the picture, you look amazing and cute with your boyfriend. I love the outfits. I just love this!!! very well done. do more of these!!

  82. Hey Sabrina, I am not much of a comments person, but I found the video very nice- liked the style and light- just the kind of video that I find cool and clean! A good thing! Stay well! Greets, Iris

  83. Echt een super leuke video! Hele frisse uitstraling en mooi gemaakt!

  84. Hey Sabrina,

    I just LOVED this post. I think it was the best post ever. I’m following your blog since April 2010 and it’s my favorite one. This is the first time i’m leaving a comment because i just couldn’t resist.

    Les and you are the perfect real-people couple and Lisas work is pure genious.

    Your wardrobe is a dream. The office and its headquarters are amazing.

    Now i’m just dying to see the rest of your apartment. Please take Lisa to a new video.


  85. In love with this video! Kudos to Lisa! ;) xx.

  86. Ontzettend mooi video! De hele sfeer is echt gaaf en de muziek echt goed gekozen, wauww!

  87. Hello! I just discovered your blog, usually I stick to french blogs but yours just became one of my favourites that I am absolutely going to follow! I like so much that you look so sweet and cute, in a way very simple, even if your way of life is of course very different from mine. You and your boyfriend look really adorable together. Have a nice week-end! Xoxo

  88. Wow, i just loved this video! Really great to see you living, laughing and just being yourself. Great! Lots of love.

  89. Such a marvellous video! Beautifully presented, great aesthetics and pulsing with love! ;) You guys are adorable together!!
    Thanks for sharing

  90. Nice video and I just love all the white, gray colors in your apartment.
    Im just wondering, does your boyfriend have Filipino or Asian blood?


    1. @ced vivien: Thank you so much. Yes, his mom is from Java. Xx

  91. Ohhhh wat een mooie video! Ik heb het begin al 5x gekeken haha

  92. Wat een prachtig filmpje! Zit veel werk in denk ik? Zag je vandaag in Spits dus dacht, ik check je blog weer eens.


  93. Wat cute! :)

  94. mooooooooooooore please!!!!

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