The question that often pops up in interviews is what inspires me. To be honest, it is always different. I am not the one to be giving a cheesy answer like ‘I get inspiration from everywhere, anything’, but it does change all the time. One day I am obsessing over this, the other day I get an inspiration boost from that.

ph/ Stop it Right Now, Vogue Germany, Stockholm Streetstyle, unknown

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  1. I so love this Celine vest that gorgeous Miss Stopitrightnow sports in the first image and ofcourse the white canvas of minimalism is what drives me everyday as well, even though this can be translated to a variety of chromatic interpretations..
    In danger of sounding cheesy I’ll just say that you always serve as one of the main sources of my personal styling inspiration! :)

  2. Mooie selectie hierboven! De eerste foto zou er zo eentje van jou zelf kunnen zijn! Ik kan me helemaal vinden in je uitleg over jouw inspiratie. Same here. En jij bent wel altijd onderdeel van die inspiratie ;)

    Succes met de verkoop morgen! Ik ben in Utrecht, anders was ik zeker even komen shoppen!

    xo Sari

  3. Hi=) I’m obsessed with your blog! Found it through an article and you are a true insoiration! Your hair is amazing by the way, how did you manage to make it such a natural color? =)

    Kine from Norway=)