When it comes to spring looks I tend to exchange the usual black for a fare amount of white. All white in this case. I think it is a look that is kind of hard to pull off, especially when your name is Sabrina and you are not that good with food (lunches usually make me have to exchange outfits). But it is fun to try from time to time.

Zara shirt, Mango jeans, Céline shoes and H&M belt.

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  1. The white blouse is amazing! very casual and relaxed. I do not really any white jeans but in this combination, they look really good. compliment.

  2. This is a glorious moment of new minimalism in fashion!! You always manage to take off any outfit with your uniqueness, beauty and stylistic creativity!! White is the perfect blank canvas where fashion inspirations can unravel!! Your white ensemble is that perfect case!! Love!!!!