When it comes to spring looks I tend to exchange the usual black for a fare amount of white. All white in this case. I think it is a look that is kind of hard to pull off, especially when your name is Sabrina and you are not that good with food (lunches usually make me have to exchange outfits). But it is fun to try from time to time.

Zara shirt, Mango jeans, Céline shoes and H&M belt.


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  1. THIS IS AMAZING BABE! big fan of white outfits!


  2. Staat je weer geweldig!! Heerlijk dat wit :)


  3. This is a great idea for spring – all white look with some brown details! really cool! :))


  4. Wow! In my opinion this is the best outfit you have showed us! You look stunning!

  5. You look so fresh.. Love the shoes!

  6. I’m not a big fan of all white outfits, but I do love the way you created two separated parts with a contrasting belt.

  7. Beautiful classic white summer look! Love the sandals too!


  8. Love this! Your heels are to die for :D

  9. Your look is really great! So spring! I love to wear white but have also the same problem with lunches or dinner. I usually use the table napkin like a child around my neck … ;-)

    Have a great day!

  10. Gorgeous! White looks so bright and pure! Love it!

  11. Wow, really like this all white outfit :)

  12. You look wonderful! I’m so digging the total white, very minimalist but with the details of the sandals is just perfect. Oh and I LOVE your nail color! Kisses

  13. It’s colour coordinated including the hair. :) You nailed it. One of your best outfits. xx

  14. Prachitge outfit! Witte looks staan je geweldig!

  15. love the all white look, and i’ve been searching like mad for a blouse like that !
    xx ish

  16. Ah finally!! The Céline shoes again!! I really really love those. You look great by the way, so no lunch-worries :-)

  17. the simplicity of white!!!How perfect looks on you!!!

  18. Nice, may be just a lil’ bit of color is missing (or may be if the pants were short ;)

  19. Love the all white outfit with cool heels!


  20. It’s so nice to see you in white, quite a change… Good choice !
    Have a bright sunny day !

  21. i love this more than i can explain!! it looks amazing!
    january, x

  22. Loving every single piece in this outfit! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  23. Mooie outfit! Die blouse is erg gaaf!
    xo Madeleine

  24. this is stunning. not everyone can pull off an all-white look, but you definitely rock this!

    X, Annie

  25. I really like this white on white trend… It looks great on you! I tried it once before with black details but brown also looks amazing!

  26. Prachtig meis! LOVE all white outfits.


  27. Mooie look voor de lente!

  28. Haha., you’re sense of humor is great, and your outfit is stunning.

  29. Heel erg mooi en rustig!

    liefs Mireille

  30. Oh i love wearing withe at spring! it’s perfect colour!

  31. I love all white outfits and I wasn’t different with your! You look great!

  32. I love all white outfits and I wasn’t different with your! You look great!

  33. Sabrina, love your style! white on white looks so chic and sophisticated…

    Big hugs!

  34. simpel en mooi :)
    new outfit post

  35. Great outfit!
    The total white look looks amazing on you.

    xx Sari

  36. hihi, grappig. staat je prachtig hoor!

  37. White and brown look so chic together love this look. ♥-Axelle

  38. Love the white and brown together!

  39. absolutely stunning! love this white on white outfit. thanks for the inspo ;)

  40. This is what I like best!!!! I feel like this is the most you, too. I put this on my blog.

  41. You look fabulous! Love this all white outfit! x

  42. You just look perfect!

    Love the shoes! :)

    Greetings from:

  43. Een hele leuke outfit, simpel maar totaal niet saai, en perfect voor de lente!

  44. Beautiful. I love the all-white look! So pure :)

  45. White is my fav color especially in S/S season!

  46. The white blouse is amazing! very casual and relaxed. I do not really any white jeans but in this combination, they look really good. compliment.

  47. I adore the simplicity of the white on white with the thin belt and the shoes!
    Wish the weather was as nice here un NYC

    Check out my new post

  48. you look absolutely amazing. this all white look is SO good.

  49. so nice outfit… I love it! :)*

  50. This is a glorious moment of new minimalism in fashion!! You always manage to take off any outfit with your uniqueness, beauty and stylistic creativity!! White is the perfect blank canvas where fashion inspirations can unravel!! Your white ensemble is that perfect case!! Love!!!!

  51. I really like the outfit! The total white outfit is perfect for a weather like these!


  52. LOVE total white looks, and you made is perfectly

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  53. Crazy about the white on white. LOVE

  54. Onwijs mooi, ik krijg er zin van om naar Parijs te gaan. Is dat raar?

    XO Charlotte

  55. This is the best outfit you have showed us! You look stunning!

  56. nice blog.I really like your simple and clear style and this outfit is perfect. (:

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