This is how I roll each and every single day no matter what I am wearing – whether it is silver pants and sneakers or a fancy dress – or what the weather does. I do not have a car (my boyfriend does though and I am free to use it but I never do) and I rarely take public transport. Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam, there is actually even more bikes than people if I am correct, and it is the quickest way to get around.

Zara shirt, H&M Trend pants, New Balance shoes, Linda Farrow sunglasses and a Michael Kors watch.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. Like! Goed dat je nauwelijks de auto gebruikt. En op de fiets door de stad is de beste manier om nieuwe plekken te ontdekken :)

  2. I believe a cool bike can absolutely take off any look in the most French-chic way! You’re so lucky to be living in Amsterdam where bikers get the respect they deserve. :) love the subtle disco ball effect of the pants paired with casual trainers and comfy shirt! :)


  3. This post might be my favourite on your blog! The outfit could be seen as simple but it is not! I love that you shoot your outfit while on the bike. Last summer I went to Amsterdam and I loved the fact that it is way easier to ride a bike than take public transportation!

  4. Such a beautiful PANT! You’re so lucky to ride bike because you live in Amsterdam but in Ankara ( I live in Ankara) Noone has respect for bikes. However, I’m thinking about buying a bike like yours. It looks amazing!

  5. love this, unfortunately in my city you CAN¨T bike otherwise you’ll get hit by a car and find yourself in the ground. Outfit very simple but always with an edge;)

  6. Oh why HELLO PANTS! rock them silver jeans gf. loves em. With bling like that, no need for accessories, f’sho.
    SERIOSO, I read somewhere that bikes outnumber people and definitely cars in Amsterdam. must be pretty frickin amazing to be able to ride in such a bike-accessible city. In LA, I can’t ride without being drenched in sweat because places are so damn far from each other! Amsterdam FTW~


  7. I almost do eveything on my bike to! Good for your health and is sometimes waaaayyy easier!! And I live in the Netherland to so that kind of works to because a lot of people ride on bikes.

    Love these silver pants, your outfit looks great!!



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