This is how I roll each and every single day no matter what I am wearing – whether it is silver pants and sneakers or a fancy dress – or what the weather does. I do not have a car (my boyfriend does though and I am free to use it but I never do) and I rarely take public transport. Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam, there is actually even more bikes than people if I am correct, and it is the quickest way to get around.

Zara shirt, H&M Trend pants, New Balance shoes, Linda Farrow sunglasses and a Michael Kors watch.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot


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  1. These pants are amazing! great style.


  2. Great outfit! x For Happy Days

  3. Yet again great style! leuke foto’s op de fiets



  4. I am also riding my bike anywhere in hamburg. Its so much fun and way easier than taking the car or public transportation

    X, Annie

  5. i soo regret not getting those trousers when i had the chance! they look fantastic on you!
    january, x

  6. Sportief ! mooie broek
    new outfit post

  7. Cool, je hebt echt leuke broeken :) ben al een beetje jaloers op je kleine collectie :)

  8. loving the outfit! nice idea to shoot on a bike ;)

  9. Like! Goed dat je nauwelijks de auto gebruikt. En op de fiets door de stad is de beste manier om nieuwe plekken te ontdekken :)

  10. Meeting of wardrobe : I saw again my silver pants from this winter but never thought I could give it a spring chance ! Why not !
    Have a nice week-end !

  11. leuke outfit, wat ben je een mooie meid!

  12. wat een geweldige broek!

  13. I believe a cool bike can absolutely take off any look in the most French-chic way! You’re so lucky to be living in Amsterdam where bikers get the respect they deserve. :) love the subtle disco ball effect of the pants paired with casual trainers and comfy shirt! :)


  14. This post might be my favourite on your blog! The outfit could be seen as simple but it is not! I love that you shoot your outfit while on the bike. Last summer I went to Amsterdam and I loved the fact that it is way easier to ride a bike than take public transportation!

  15. those pants are insane, love them!


  16. Such a beautiful PANT! You’re so lucky to ride bike because you live in Amsterdam but in Ankara ( I live in Ankara) Noone has respect for bikes. However, I’m thinking about buying a bike like yours. It looks amazing!

  17. Amazing jeans, gorgeous!

  18. Prachtige outfit weer Sabrina!

  19. Those metallic, striped pants are so awesome! Great way to style them.

  20. Love those pants!
    Super chic~


  21. Liefde voor je zilveren broek!

  22. Gorgeous pants!You look nice on your bike and very stylish!

    check out my new outfit post

  23. I love those pants. and I know what you mean, that is like when I went to Denmark…SO many bikes, everyone uses a bike. I am afraid to use bikes….but I need to get over that. haha

  24. Love your pants! They are amazinggggggg!

  25. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, the city of bikes and nice people:) You look cool:)))

  26. stylish. but you need a helmut!!

    1. @kate: thanks! We don’t do helmets in Holland ;)

  27. i quite like your sunnies, and your shirt. loose, easy white blouses have been my go-to look for this summer so far….

  28. love this, unfortunately in my city you CAN¨T bike otherwise you’ll get hit by a car and find yourself in the ground. Outfit very simple but always with an edge;)

  29. these pants are amazing!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,

  30. Totally cute! I’m loving this look!

    Take a look at my blog! I’m doing a beauty giveaway this month for bloggers and readers<3

    Nikki Mata
    The Bella Bordeaux

  31. Oh why HELLO PANTS! rock them silver jeans gf. loves em. With bling like that, no need for accessories, f’sho.
    SERIOSO, I read somewhere that bikes outnumber people and definitely cars in Amsterdam. must be pretty frickin amazing to be able to ride in such a bike-accessible city. In LA, I can’t ride without being drenched in sweat because places are so damn far from each other! Amsterdam FTW~


  32. Nice pants and I love your bike :)

  33. Oh I love the combination of the shoes with the neon detail and the silver pants. Makes the look really futuristic and special but it’s also casual!

    Marie from

  34. Je ziet er super uit!

  35. Gosh! i really love the pants!!

  36. Amazing outfit as always! I find cool ride a bike!! Respect!

  37. Die broek is heel vet! Wanneer ligt hij in de winkel?


  38. ooooh die broek is echt heel cool, maar ook ontzettend warm om te dragen :) Leuke fiets, echt zo een goede klassieke oma fiets :)

  39. amazing shoes. amazing pants.

  40. GE-WEL-DI-GE broek en supermooie foto’s!!


  41. I almost do eveything on my bike to! Good for your health and is sometimes waaaayyy easier!! And I live in the Netherland to so that kind of works to because a lot of people ride on bikes.

    Love these silver pants, your outfit looks great!!



    Style Route

    Style Route

  42. Love this outfit!! Especially the pants! :)

  43. Great simple look, and amazing.. I mean seriously gorgeous pants!

  44. KILLER PANTS! So cool.


  45. Hele gave outfit!

  46. Coole foto’s en mooie outfit!
    Ik ben ook nog steeds op jacht naar de perfecte NB sneakers.
    Die rode veters staan super leuk ^^

    xo Sari

  47. Where can I find those new balance shoes?

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