It is not often you see me hidden underneath a hat, especially since I cut my hair short. Fact is though that every time I see someone in a hat I am kind of intrigued -when worn well, of course. It just adds that ‘cool kid’ factor…what do you think?

Other than the hat from H&M, I am wearing my boyfriends COS t-shirt, the regular Dr Denim jeans, a Diesel leather jacket, shoes from Alexander Wang and a bag I got in Curaçao.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. With you on the “cool kid” factor a hat brings. Purchased my first winter hat (I’m Australian) a fortnight ago, and since wearing it the number of people who glance at me in the street has increased exponentially and I was even asked by someone whether they recognised me from a movie (I took the fact that I looked like a movie star to be a compliment!). You wear your hat well! xz

  2. Staat je hartstikke goed! Alleen zijn je schoenen totaal onzichtbaar. Nu heb ik ze wel in eerdere post gezien maar het was toch leuk geweest voor het totaalplaatje.

  3. Know exactly what you mean with the hat! I often admire a hat wearer from afar. Occassionally I don one, and think “YES. I AM AWESOME HAT WEARER.” then I see myself in a shop window and think “You utter plank, who do you think you are?”

    You however, look like the ultimate in cool-kid-in-a-hat-ness, congrats!


  4. The hat gives it that “cool kid” factor you said haha, your outfits get better and better you always impress me! much love xx take care!

  5. I’ve always had a love/hate relashionship with hats…I love them but I always think they don’t fit me that well, specially since I cut my hair short and that’s why there’s only one in my closet and I’m still working it out :S