I was wearing a Kahlo dress, Acne boots, a ring from Dominic Jones and sunglasses from Rag & Bone.

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  1. Love the clean simplicity of this, it’s definitely become your signature look. The dress is so well fitted – gosh Sabrina, how do you find these perfect staple pieces?!


  2. i think that you should be wearing something that makes you look beautiful, not only something you believe is beautiful, and in this dress and boots you really don’t stand out as usual

  3. Hi ! I’m asking who takes your photos because they are really cute and professional. You look so great on every of them ;)
    I’m a french fashion blogger and I follow your blog every day ! Stay the same !

    • @Ellynn: Almost all of my outfitphotos are taken by Lisa Galesloot! Sometimes my boyfriend squeezes some pictures in ;) Thank you so much for following me!