Another take Lisa and I did on blogging 2.0. Hope you like it, suggestions for new video’s are always welcome.

Music: James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir
Equipment: Canon 7D camera, 17-55mm 2.8f lens


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  1. Uhh, I LOVE the way you did this!
    I just do not like these very simple head to toe videos. I wanna see how the clothes are blowing in the wind, how the colors acting with each other. I really like it!

    Love, katecrackpot

  2. Nice video, great music & love your chic Isabel Marant ankle boots!

    I’ve just launched my first ever blog at have a look & let me know what you think….

  3. lovely video! i love ur outfit! x

  4. Love this way of shooting outfit posts, I love to see the movement in the fabric!

  5. oooh i love your bag !!

  6. Heel mooi filmpje!! De texturen van de stoffen worden super mooi belicht, heel mooi gestyled! X

  7. I really like this way of presenting an outfit. nice music and soft light. loved it!

    X, Annie

  8. LOVE this video Sabrina, you are so beautiful. And Lisa is SO talented!

  9. That outfit is really really beautiful!!

  10. Like it???? This is a masterpiece. Awesome that it is in black and white, you capture the viewers attention with the walking down the stairs, the music goes well with the whole video and some moves are totally on the rythm, like when you move your gloved hand to your face and the camera was filming from above you and the movement of the feet to the right with the close up of the boots, that was also an interacting move with the music. This is really well done. Well done untill the little details, like I said masterpiece!!! One more thing the location is also working with the outfit and the whole atmosphere!

    All love Lola

  11. Heeel mooi filmpje! Je blijft doorkijken terwijl er eigenlijk niet zoveel gebeurt, echt knap gedaan. En je ziet er natuurlijk ook weer prachtig uit! :)

    P.S. Win een armbandje met onze giveaway!

  12. Lovely video! the music, and the black and white goes really well together,blogging 2.0. I’d love to see more videos like this;)

  13. Wat een ontzettend prachtig filmpje! Kunstzinnig, prachte beelden en alles in het zwart/wit maakt het helemaal af. Complimenten en petje af!

  14. I love your videos girl

  15. Awesome (10x) More! more! more! ♥

  16. The floppy hat suits you so well! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  17. Wat een gaaf filmpje! xxx

  18. Thanks so much for this great music tip!

  19. Love the video and the outfit! <3

  20. Ja dit mag met recht blogging 2.0 genoemd worden. Leuk!!

  21. Like this way of blogging! xx.

  22. wauw, lisa is zo goed!

  23. Amazing. Stuff. It’s pure art. I love it and enjoy watching


  24. What a wonderful idea to capture your unique and always creative flair through another video. I love the “film noir” quality and the fashion-forward atmosphere of the entire setting. Bravo once again my dear!!

  25. Lovely! You should do videos more often.

    Xx Sari

    A Little Hummingbird

  26. Heel mooi filmpje! En je ziet er ook heel gaaf uit! xx

  27. Great video. The music is great with it

  28. Music used for this video is quite terrible and your outfit is not simple, but boring at all. I don’t like this even though I like your style. You can do it much better ;-) Have a nice day.

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