Very rarely am I seen in tights. I love them on others – most of the time – but I hate them on me. I do not know what it is exactly, but I just feel very (read VERY) unsexy wearing them. This is also the reason why I very rarely wear skirts during fall/winter, they ask for tights. Sometimes though, you bump into a skirt that you love so much it asks for an exception. Like this one I found at Zara. It is either freezing to death or wearing tights.

H&M Trend jumper, Zara skirt, Givenchy boots.


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  1. Wow, die kleur groen staat je prachtig en ook met de tights kom je goed weg! :)

  2. I love your boots!!

  3. Ik heb precies hetzelfde! Maar bij anderen vind ik het vaak wel leuk, zoals bij jou! Super look! Xx Rebecca

  4. There’s nothing wrong with wearing tights! I look good on you! You should know that.



  5. nice combination!!! love the color in your sweater!!

  6. Mooie trui! Love the outfit!

  7. love that jumper! I regret not buying it when I had the chance! xo, Alma

  8. Love this look Sabrina – great as always. You make those boots look really wearable which is no easy task :) Might have to get that skirt for myself, it’s gorgeous!

    Check out what I wore the other day, leather jacket with striped jeans and berry lips:

    Anna Lou X

  9. I like this look Sabrina :) xx

  10. Hele mooie outfit. Dat groen staat je goed. Ik ben ook geen grote “tights” fan, maar vele rokjes en jurkjes zijn het echt wel waard
    new outfit post

  11. love the boots, the skirt , the blouse! love love love!!!!

  12. My kind of look, LOVE it babe

  13. omg – can’t stop loving these boots – your match is amazing

  14. I. need. that. jumper. !!!

  15. Great skirt!
    Personally, I think you look great, even with tights.



  16. mooie outfit en leuke laarzen!

  17. You look amazing in tights! I don’t like the super thick wool ones, but the thinner ones are such a lifesaver. I also want your boots and this whole outfit is simply brilliant

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  18. Love this outfit! Those boots are to die for….

  19. Love, love, love! You look fantastic!

  20. You look gorgeous, tights or no tights, don’t worry about that!
    That skirt is awesome paired with those awesome boots.

    Fashion Agony blog

  21. I absolutely love this outfit! Especially those amazing Givenchy boots. I also have that skirt from Zara and it really is the perfect winter skirt!

  22. very beautiful and cool outfit , like your skirt and jumper…


  23. Super gaaf! De rok en de trui!!

  24. Haha, it is exactly the other way round with me! :D I always wear tights, even in summer! It’s not because I always freeze (must be something about my blood system ;)) but I actually think that good (!) tights can give your body a very nice shape! Now having said that I don’t mean you have to spend $$$ on tights but I just try not to go for the cheapest ones from the supermarket or H&M (sorry to say that but in my opinion they make terrible tights). Asos actually has a very nice + reasonable priced choice. Believe me, some tights can make a difference and I for one thing feel even sexier wearing them :)

  25. those boots are a good reaon to make that kind of exceptions, too! I also hate tights, especially because they get torned so easily.. but with this skirt they look fine ! xx

  26. I think you look great – even in tights. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  27. Great rock sabrina!!!!

  28. Love this outfit! the green sweater and those boots…. <3 you look great in those tights, glad you decided to wear that skirt.

  29. Wauw, de vorm en textuur van deze outfit is echt heel gaaf! Mooi gestyled, Sabrina!
    Liefs, Rebekka

  30. Tights definitely look great on you, especially with that skirt. Is it still in stores? That would be perfect for winter.

    xo Alex

    1. @Alexandra: Yes I just got it last Friday, thank you! xo

  31. A beautiful outfit. The colours and the proportions are really nice.

  32. WOW die laarzen zijn fantastisch! XO

  33. Leuke outfit! wat zijn die laarzen toch mooi~


  34. Super mooi die groene kleur van je trui. Het rokje is ook heel mooi en panty’s staan je leuk hoor!

  35. Sabrina, wie heeft jouw geholpen met je nieuwe website bouwen?

  36. You look so good in tights and freezing to death without tights is so last year (and stupid. Stupid trend.)!

    I hated tights and the feeling of them arround my waist but I’ve got used to wear them at ballet classes. Now I love tights. Our legs allways look more fit.

  37. love the boots in a combo with that skirt

  38. I love the tights and these boots. They are so chunky and really pull the entire outfit together. They would be of course Givenchy.

    Kristina Wilde

  39. Love love love these boots with tights. I have them as well so it’s definitely inspiring! U look great love, as always xxx

  40. Heeeele gave look! Staat je goed, je moet vaker een panty dragen! ;)

    X Petra

  41. You look amazing! The skirt and boots are a perfect match!

    Fashion Landscape

  42. Very unsexy ? And yet you look so feminine !

  43. Lovely! You still look sexy! I love the whole outfit!
    That Givenchy boots are killing me!

  44. Wat een haarscherpe foto’s, prachtig! En toch wil ik zeggen, you look awesome in tights!


  45. You look amazing in tights!!!!

  46. the color of the sweater is really beautiful, looks lovely on you!

  47. perfect skirt! and do not be scared of tights,it looks very good on you:)

  48. For all its worth – I think you look great in these black tights.
    I just did a post about tights and boots … perhaps you can check it out?
    ♥ xoxo Cori

  49. I used to be the same about tights – but somehow, somewhere my black tights attitude has changed :-) You look amazing! I love that skirt; I can’t believe you scored it at ZARA!

  50. You look amazing. Perfect skirt and boots. Have a nice day.

  51. I love the shape othis skirt!!I think i’m going for this one!!

    Check my new post

  52. omg! you look so pretty!!! love that skirt and everything!

  53. Love that skirt pair with that green sweater, such a chic combination.


  54. I think you look awesome in them.

  55. Very nice outfit ! Your boots are nice !

    Love, Melanie ~

  56. Love the green jumper. I’m sorry I didn’t find it in H&M. Did you buy it a long time ago?

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