This month, on my very much rotating beauty table.

Moisturizer, Mario Badescu; Nailpolish, Chanel; Eyebrow Pencil, Anastasia; Lip Balm, Kiehl’s; Foundation, Burberry.

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  1. I tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to Mario Badescu. This one is probably one of his best ones, as most of his moisturisers tend to have ingredients that can irritate the skin or be comedogenic. Personally I prefer Freistil I+M Naturkosmetik!

  2. leuke selectie! hoe/waar heb je de brow wiz besteld? ben er idd erg benieuwd naar, maar kan niets vinden wat redelijk goedkoop naar nederland shipt, help! :)

  3. I love Anastasia eyebrow products! I usually buy them in Amsterdam airport on my way to Spain! I always transfer there and even if I have just 30 minutes to hop on my next plane, I stop in the duty free and look for them!! :)