Meet Anna Nooshin, my traveling partner during all Fashion Weeks abroad, the brains (co-founder) behind NSMBL and above all my gorgeous friend who puts her left shoe on her right foot and her right on her left foot every now and then. Having traveled together for three seasons now taught me Anna is not only a huge Chanel addict – this is not a Chanel ad -, she also has some good beauty secrets up her sleeve, time for some beauty talk.

Your morning ritual?
After my morning shower, I start of with Eau Efficace from Sisley, which I think is meant to be used as make-up, but I use it as a tonic. Then some day cream, always random, but I am currently using Aquamilk from Lancaster. My make-up routine starts with BB Cream from Green Tea Nude, even though I like the one from Origins a bit better. Depending on if I have events to attend or not, I use Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I always use Chanel Vitalumière Éclat (in Beige Ambré – Desert) and Etos concealer (number 1). For the eyes, I use my Chanel eyelash curler and Sisley So Intense in Deep Black, which is the best mascara ever. 99 percent of the days I create a winged eyeliner, with the first random pencil I can find. My blush is a combination of three, Nars Orgasm, MAC Copper Tone and Chanel highlighter. I finish off with some lip balm.

Your last beauty purchase?
Chanel Démaquillant Yeux Intense (eye make-up remover), I always remove my make-up and clean my face before I go to bed.

Best product ever made?
Etos Brightening Concealer*, if I could only use one product for the rest of my life, it would be this. I have literally tried everything for my dark circles and this is the best one so far. Other favorites are Origins BB Cream, Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector and highlighter from Chanel. I like a good J.Lo glow, no shame in my game honey.

Signature scent?
Chanel Coco Noir, anything Chanel really.

The ultimate product that still does not exist, would be…
A product that completely covers dark circles, the Etos one is good, but I would kill for something that covers everything.

Anything you wish you would dare to try, but you never did?
Yes, I would love to get an icy blonde shaved/pixie cut! And I wish ‘nude’ would work on me, I love a nude lip on others, but it just does not look good on me.

Tell me about your hair, what do you use to tame those beautiful locks?
Nothing, I would advice anyone to wash their hair just once a week. I never use any products, nor do I use my blowdryer, straightener or curling iron. No dry shampoo either! This might sound gross to others, but it works for me.

Biggest beauty failure?
I used to have super thin eyebrows and tried blue mascara, not good. Also, I am not a huge fan of a tanned look. I once got a huge tan on vacation and trust me when I say it looked absolutely horrible on me.

Beauty motto?
Never overdo it, stick to what you know and keep it natural. Never follow trends!

*Unfortunately Etos is not available abroad, it is a Dutch drugstore.


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  1. Lovely piece! I really like to read this kind of interviews. Finally something different from all those beauty reviews.

  2. Damnit, I wanted to know her hair secet. There is none! Grrr..

    1. @Danielle: I know, she’s born with brilliant hair ;)

  3. Pretty woman! She is wearing a really pretty jacket as far as I can see and I love love love the bag. Really need to start saving money for a chanel bag. You use very nice products, tried a few of them to. I’m going to buy the etos concealer, never tried any etos products but if you say it’s the best concealer you ever used I need to try it!

  4. Love this new rubric! And I’m definitly going to try the etos concealer! A little question though.. Where is the light from you see on the first image?

    1. @Margo: I think she got it at Coelhouse (

  5. When I used to have hair like Anna’s (though not AS fantastic) I would only wash it once a week as well. Oily may feel slightly icky but it looks so, so good. I totally get where she’s coming from. And talk about getting that slick runway look without the actual gel ;)

  6. Wat een leuk artikel en prachtige foto’s ook! xx

  7. Great post! I love hearing about other people’s beauty routines. Sad that I can’t get that concealer though!

    Check out what I’d love to be wearing today, including & Other Stories, Zara and Marc by Marc Jacobs:

    Anna Lou X

  8. she’s really gorgeous! these photos are so nice!

  9. Very good advice. I’m also a huge fan of Chanel, and i’m also using them products as well. I think Anna is totally right when she said that she’s using nothing for her hair. Sometimes i see people with tons of stuff in their hair and it looks just nasty. I realy love the natural look.


    Style of Purity

  10. Wat een leuke nieuwe rubriek zeg! Ik vind Anna zo’n mooi meisje, leuk om haar beauty rituelen te lezen :)

  11. I am curious about this Etos :-( washing my hair once a week ooh god I wish I could do this…

    1. ‘Chanel Coco Noir, anything Chanel really.’ I couldn’t agree more!

  12. etos really has some good products! x

  13. Wash your hair once a week? I wash it everyday in the winter (to get rid of the damn elektricity…) But I don’t think this is a good tip for blondes though! :-)

    1. @Ine: I think it depends on the thickness and structure of your hair. I have a blonde friend who washes it once a week as well, but I think it takes a lot of ‘training’ and patience…

      1. Yep!! A LOT of patience! I’m sure it takes a few months until your hair is used to getting washed only once a week. But seriously, if Anna is being spared from the static hair plague -> jealous!! :-)

  14. Love your interior!

    XOXO Maud


  15. Love her wing eyeliner :-) so good!


  16. Great interview! I agree about the coverage of under eye circles!

  17. What a nice read.
    I would be agree that a product that covers dark circles still needs to be invented. Having olive skin myself it’s hard to cover my dark circles. Glad to hear that even the glamourous among us have the same problems.
    Love Chanel Coco Noir, btwn. Thanks for the post!
    xo Shilla
    Indie Chic

  18. Nice interview! It reads quite candidly. Thanks for not cutting out the funny moments, .e.g, “no shame in my game honey.”

  19. Ik ben nu ook heel benieuwd naar die concealer van Etos, ga hem binnenkort eens proberen!

  20. She is so beautiful! I’ve got to try out some of these products.



  21. Nice interview, she is beautiful.
    In love with the Chanel bag, do you by chance know how much it cost?
    I know it is a bit weird to ask for the price but i have been to Chanel website and they do not mentions any price :(!

  22. If you would like to try a nude lipstick, I think salmony/pinky nudes would look really good on you. Try something in the likes of Mac’s Cherish.
    Good luck!

  23. Love Ann’s style and her addiction with Chanel is totally understandable. :)
    Happy Easter!!

    See you in my blog, maybe.

  24. Interesting piece! Beauty is always important for a woman! :)

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