Titia is one of those girls that does not need a lot of make-up to look gorgeous. I got to know her while I was renting an office desk at The Collector, where she works as a executive fashion editor. She regularly pops in the office without wearing any make-up and still manages to somehow magically glow. Time to figure out her beauty ritual.

Your morning ritual?
After my shower I clean my face with milk, because it then feels like I have to use less day cream. First I apply Centella Recovery Skin-Salve from Kiehl’s and then REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream. During summer I always add something with high SPF. Now that I have my lash extensions, that is about it. Not having to put mascara on in the morning and taking it off at night is just festive! Other favorites are everything that I once bought in bulk from Dior and Carmex, which smells like hell but it is the best thing for dry lips.

Your last beauty purchase?
Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover, which is the best beauty invention ever! I used to use up to 300 cotton balls and still have stains left on my fingers, but this is my solution.

Make-up look in one word?
Natural, I do not use a lot. From day to night I add mascara and sometimes eyeliner and my signature lipstick, which is Ariane Inden 1022.

Favorite perfume?
Tom Ford Black.

The ultimate product that still does not exist, would be…
Those lashes are already a true invention to me, however I would love something that makes depilating my eyebrows an easy task.

Anything you wish you would dare to try, but you never did?
Most of the time I just do it.

What about your hair?
Just like Anna I wash it once a week. Oh, and I get a haircut probably once a year! Sometimes I wish I had curls. But washing your hair once a week is probably also my biggest beauty tip. Your hair has to get used to it in the beginning, but will feel healthier than ever after.

Biggest beauty failure?
I once dyed my hair blonde, but it came out pretty yellowish. Also, the light in my bathroom is super bad and I used to just randomly smudge my foundation on my face and walk out the door without looking in a decent mirror first. Very regularly I found myself in the bathroom of a restaurant or café frightened by my reflection. Sometimes I can also tell by the look on my boyfriends face that I applied too much.

Anna from NSMBL.


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  1. cool interview! i like this feature on your blog :)

    1. @Cinja: Happy you like it! ;)

  2. Really loving these beauty interviews – so interesting to hear other people’s routines. Wish I could get away with as little make up as that!!

    Check out my latest outfit post, wearing embroidered Zara bomber, H&M leather skirt and personalised Whistles clutch:

    Anna Lou X

  3. I agree. She looks gorgeous!


  4. She looks beautiful and the photos are beautiful as well. Great interview. :) xx

  5. What did she mean when she said she wash her face with milk? Is that literal? Haha I’m so confused. She’s so beautiful! I’d gladly doused my face with milk, too! :P


    1. @Romila: No face milk, like lotion ;)

    2. I’m glad you asked. I wondered the same thing. :)

  6. Really like this new kind of posts you are doing ! Hope you keep on interviewing people!

  7. I love this kind of post so much and also the new layout.

  8. Looking forward to use some of those products!

  9. I really like this kind of post! Great interview!

  10. With the whole washing her hair once a week thing, does Titia wet it when she showers but not put product on or only wets it once a week. Also what happens after a sweaty gym session!

    1. @Lucy: For what I know, both Titia and Anna don’t wet it either. I am not sure about their sports routine…I will ask!

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