Not literally – it finally stopped raining – but figuratively. In only 4 days I will be leaving my beloved Amsterdam for a few days of good old New York Fashion Week (and then London, and then Milan, and then Paris).

Coat, COS; Sweater, Acne (men’s department); Leather Pants, Samsoe & Samsoe; Shoes, Isabel Marant; Scarf, Johnstons.

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  1. You are soooo beautiful in these three shots, the way the garment is hung and is blown in movement is so romantic. I’d love to do a fashion illustration of you just casually standing there with the jacket draped like that, it’ll make a cool silhouette! lol. Lovely hint of plaid in the look too <3 I've just uploaded my newest outfit featuring the new Meadham Kirchhoff X Amazon jumper + GIVENCHY kilt action, I'd say it's quite provoking, do tell what you think ;)

    xx The Provoker

  2. Great outfit, so much better than what some of the other blogs feature. This is something I would actually wear. And cozy, too!