There is something I absolutely hate about blazers that come with a belt and there is something I absolutely love about wrapping one of my own belts around a blazer.

Blazer, Acne; Belt, unknown; Clutch, J.W. Anderson.


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  1. blazer looks absolutelly amazing, especially with this belt – you rock ♥

  2. The blazer is really cool and the clutch as well. But I think I am not so into the blazer belt thing … (Or not now ;) )

  3. wat een geweldige blazer!


  4. Totally agree – tbe belts that come with things are always tacky and horrible! But your belt is perfect (oh and love the clutch too).

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    Anna Lou X

  5. Sometimes, we all gotta just belt it!! Beautiful black embossed texture too by the way. Btw, you should check out my outtakes CÉLINE inspired photoshoot fully equipped with Palazzo pants, do you dare to flare? ;)

    xx The Provoker

  6. Die blazer ziet er prachtig uit!

  7. Woah, lovin the snakeskin texture on that blazer. Gorgeous piece.



  8. Oh wauw, dit is ook wel een extreem mooie blazer!

    Hoop trouwens dat je wat van je tips van de Grazia masterclass met ons wil delen, voor degenen die er vandaag net als ik niet bij konden zijn… : )

    X Marjolein – Never Too


  9. I like what I see! Really inspiring

  10. Yes, because the ones I’ve seen that already had the belt were horrible, while if you mix it probably it will be a better choice!
    I feel the same way!

  11. You’re so right, nothing better than giving a piece of clothing a new personality with a new detail!

  12. yesssss. it seems to be the difference between matching and coordinating as i see it. amanda,

  13. i love that jacket! x

  14. Haha same here! Ohh jaaaaa je hebt dat geweldige jasje nog! Baalde zó dat ik hem destijds niet meer in mijn maat kon vinden! Staat je geweldig ook!


  15. Helemaal mee eens! Wat ik nog erger vind zijn die centuren bij bijvoorbeeld wollen vesten die dan door twee van die lullige draadjes heen zitten. Verschrikkelijk! Prachtige foto en outfit trouwens! xx

  16. Agreed! With them they seem tacky. But once you add your own it adds that charm and makes the piece far more versatile.

  17. The belts that come with garments, whether it be a blazer, dress or otherwise, always seem to be really badly made, and are often too well matched for my liking. Totally know what you mean!

  18. Stunning blazer & The belt is the good one…
    Des bisous !!

  19. This blazer is so cool!! Love it’s texture.

  20. This Acne blazer is gorgeous!

  21. love this shot and the texture of that blazer

  22. I love the belt :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  23. Oh yes! It looks fabulous! I love your blazer!


  24. Amazing, perfect combo!!!

    Whit love
    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  25. And here is another example of why I love reading your blog. I always find the words to express exactly what I feel about the exact same things. X

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