While cleaning the house – this includes closet – a bit last Sunday – that is what Sundays are made for right? – I counted over 17 coats and jackets. 17? Yes, 17! It is not a mountain, but it sure is a decent pile. I also catched myself standing in a particular highstreet store holding a very nice wool coat for a bit too long a couple of weeks ago. I must say I am happy I put it back where it belonged, waiting for a good owner that is actually going to get some wear out of it. Anyway, back to the number 17.  While writing this post, I am wondering, how come I tend to wear the same coat over and over again? Wondering again, when did one single person need over 17 coats and jackets? Should I make a strict selection of 5 and sell the rest to be able to buy some new ones again?

Oh and by the way, this hat is absolutely divine if I may say so myself.

Rodebjer coat (via DearFieldbinder), H&M fuzzy jumper, Mih Jeans velvet skinny jeansAlexander Wang bootsGerard Darel bag and Borsalino hat (both via Monnier Frères).

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  1. This outfit suits you so well ! and wearing a broad brim hat is much more stylish than the current beanie fashion.
    Some girls want to follow the trend and end up looking ridiculous. Your Borsalino is a pure beauty !
    Glad to see you’re carrying a French bag !!

  2. That hat is indeed divine, and I’d say once something goes over the 15 count you can safely call it a ‘collection’ and you may show it to your dinner guests and all.

  3. I like the fact that you can admit to yourself that 17 coats is quite a lot, I find it a little crazy to see some bloggers closets contain for example, over 20 pairs of jeans, which to me is a bit much. I mean that is nearly one for everyday of the month! I myself have only 3 pairs and one pair has a giant hole in the crotch haha. I think keeping only 5 is a great idea!

  4. ou yh, the hat awesome.
    but Im not sure you should sell them, because once you have limit amount of coats (like I do, for now) it get’s frustrating, because you can’t really change your look for whole like 6 months when it’s cold. and who does like looking the same every day?
    I say keep them :) if they all make you excited and you have a lot of ways how to combine it – keep them! ;)

  5. I’d probably try them all on and then kick out the ones I don’t love. If you love them all: perfect. And if you feel the urge to add to your collection: just don’t get hung up on numbers – 17 may sound like a lot but coats & jackets might just be ‘your thing’ so.. Just make sure you enjoy the ones you have and don’t go for anything less than perfect. (:

  6. Goodness, dit is echt één van mijn favorieten outfits van je sinds tijden! Dat zegt dus niks over die anderen, dat die niet leuk zouden zijn (in tegendeel!), ik vind dit ronduit geweldig! Las dat je ziek bent: beterschap, pas goed op jezelf :)


    • And I’d say: keep your coats and enjoy them until you want to get rid of them. Donate them to the Leger des Heils or something. :) There are people there who would be very happy with a coat.

  7. Hehe, know the feeling. Actually, if you add 25-30 (!) more then maybe we’re close to what you can find in my closet. Part-time job in a clothing store that I love + a freakishly love for coats and jackets= a whole lot of jackets and massive storage-issues!! Hehe.. But I love ‘em all! <3

    Love your blue coat too, btw! As goes for everything else on this blog!;)

    Love, C