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In the beginning of September, I started my second attempt on a 5 piece French wardrobe (meaning I am allowed to buy 5 pieces each season (each 6 months), basics don’t count). Despite the fact this fashion month and a half gave me a clothing overload (bombardment even), things are going well.

I entered several stores and went through all kinds of browsing sessions and managed to keep the wallet in the bag, except for the things that I had written down before arrival in Paris (bought nothing at all in New York and London, *pat on the back).

Apart from that leather jacket – 1 down, 4 to go – I got myself a scarf and some black suit trousers, which are both basics and don’t count. And to keep myself right on track, here is the wishlist I am using for September – February.

1. The perfect leather jacket
Need I say more?.

2. Black d’Orsay flats from Jenni Kayne
After my Balenciaga buckle boots, I am craving for another pair of cool flat slides that complete all skinny jeans I own.

3. A cozy knit
Not this one in particular (the price tag is just way (waayyy) too hefty), but I regularly get some serious sweater envy and that can only mean one thing… I need to be able to give some serious sweater envy back every now and then. Right?

The next two are not counting, since they are either basics or accessories (or both).

The Canada scarf from Acne
Got this one covered!

Cool earrings
I saw these really nice razor blade hoops from Tom Binns in a Dutch magazine a little while ago and I.NEED.TO.HAVE them. The only problem is that I can not seem to find them (I can not even find an image of them on the internet, so I am almost starting to think the magazine secretly made them up).

I will leave item number 4 and 5 open for now until I fall head over heels for something.

Now these wardrobe rules might sound super hard to live by, but it basically means I can buy something really nice every 36 days (half a year = 182,5 days divided by 5 items is 36,5 days). Must be realizable.

Who’s with me?

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