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In the weekends I always like to take things easy. Sleep in a little, wrap up on the couch in a blanket with a vessel of tea and on a very rare occasion bake some cookies (just to throw 90% of them away afterwards because they are too many to handle on my own and my boyfriend does not like things that are full of sugar). Coming near Dam Square is therefor no way near my top three of favorite things to do on a Saturday – when these photos were taken -, but sometimes inevitable. And by inevitable I mean some shopping needed to be done. And then I came home empty handed…

It is weird because whenever I have certain items in mind that I want and/or feel ready to spend it all – by way of speaking – I can not seem to find anything perfect enough to take home. And when I think I have it all and do not even need another pair of socks, I bump into all kinds of perfect things. Is it me?

Coat, Cos; Jacket, H&M; Sweater, Zara Men’s; Pants, Zara; Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger; Bag, Gerard Darel.

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