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For the observant reader, I posted this picture before, on August 17th, 2011 to be precise. It came with the text ‘so not me, but oh so cool’. Now what I failed to understand back then was that over the years I would grow very (VERY!!) fond of them. Obviously now that they are sold out literally everywhere, I convinced myself I need them.

You see, I always declared I am more a shorts than a skirt person. Fact is that I do love skirts, I just do not have the proper non-feminine shoe to make them more edgy, which is exactly how I want to wear skirts.

I know these shoes are somehow all over the place (that is what happens when they are sold out in stores; they show up on the streets) since they appeared on the runway few years back, but I can not seem to get them out of my head.

This is one of my very few desperate attempts I will do on my blog to find something that is probably impossible to find. So, is there anybody out there that can find me these in a size 38 (or something close to that size) – with either silver or mixed hardware?

ps: Trust me, I have tried eBay, but I refuse to pay more than what they cost in stores. This could be a temporary refusal though. Found them, thank you so so much for all the links and suggestions!

Picture by Lisa Galesloot.

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