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Yay for my first DIY in a long long time. Now I’m not really the type of girl that buys knockoffs or anything like that when I don’t have the money or the guts to get the real thing, but I love a DIY every now and then. So here’s my take on the Céline half cotton, half denim shirt.

You’re gonna need a cotton shirt, a denim shirt, scissors, a sewing machine and some good music on the background to get this done.
Cut off the sleeves of both the cotton and the denim shirt. Keep the sleeves of the denim one and the cotton shirt. Throw away the cotton sleeves and the denim shirt. Or if you want to be that ‘green’ girl, make two.
Turn the denim sleeves inside out en fold them over the cotton shirt (not folded inside out!).
Sew all the parts together.
Take a deep breath (you made it!) and wear the result immediately.