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A couple of weeks ago Sabrina and I visited an event at Skins Cosmetics, where we were introduced to a few of their brands and their latest products. Julie from Dr. Brandt caught my attention with their new 3-D filler mask. After listening to her story I was so enthusiastic to try out the product and I had to share my experiences with you!

So Dr. Brandt skincare came up with this leave-on mask that promises to ‘fill’ the wrinkles around your mouth and reshape the appearance of our face contours. Julie told us that when we are young and our skin is still tight, our face has the shape of an inverted triangle. With two ends at our cheekbones and one at our chin. But when we get older the triangle will reverse into two ends at our (double?) chin and one between the eyes. According to this mask we can prevent or reduce these signs of aging. Definitely worth a try, right?

The results after two weeks? Honestly I don’t see any difference. Maybe that’s because my skin is still young and tight? Or because I’m only using this product for such a short time now? But I do feel a difference in softness and my skin definitely felt less dry. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes!