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The first thing I learned as a kid when I started to wear jewelry was to never mix the metals. I kicked off my love for jewelry at the age of around 7, when my mom – who worked at a jeweler at that time – took home that crazy scary pistol to pierce my ears. Tiny little gold hoops it was for years and years and two super thin golden rings to match. That was until I was old enough to go shopping on my own and found out there was much bigger jewelry available. The bigger the better!

After experimenting with all kinds of colors and sizes of things to accessorize my fingers, wrists, ears and neck with, I came to the conclusion that less is kind of more. And also that it is ok – even cool – to mix the colors up. I now have a few things that I never take off (my earrings, two silver rings and a watch that changes from time to time) and add whatever I am in the mood for in the morning, regardless its color.

Rings from Senesense (3D printed!), Cooee and Tiffany & Co, watch from Juicy Couture and bracelets I designed for Maison de Bonneterie.

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