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So I could go on about the importance of bringing notebooks, keeping your skin moisturized or wearing a watch during Fashion Week forever, but the most important necessity is being with good company. NSMBL‘s Anna has been my Fashion Week partner in crime for two seasons now and we just signed our contract for next season – just kidding, but we are definitely joining forces in 2013.

Tess – not pictured, but the one that took this lovely frame – joined us in New York and she is honestly the best company during hectic times one can wish for.

This is actually kind of a shout out to them, thank you for the giggles, lots of them. Next time, let us:
– Not fall in the middle of the street – on flat shoes that is
– Not loose an 800 dollar shoe (and then find it once home)
– Not wear the same thing as that girl across the road
– Not end up at the wrong show venue
– Not not end up at any show venue due to traffic at all
– Not get freaked out by the crazy – gone wrong – neighbour

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