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Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection – the one that’s currently in stores – is all about interchangeable wardrobe pieces. Because what’s his is hers and what’s hers is his. A lot of the items are available in a version for women AND a version for men. And that is how Gijsje and I got inspired to shoot a few of our favorite couples in Amsterdam – dressed in Diesel of course – and ask them all about how they met, their first kiss, what they love most about each other and their best moments so far!

Oh, and I decided to include my own story as well, as a bonus, sort of ;).

Amber (Model) & William (DJ) – 1,5 years together. “I was not really looking for a new relationship anytime soon when I spotted William turning tables at Trouw (Amsterdam). I was there with my girlfriends and as soon as I saw him, I knew. We danced all night that night and also had our first – magical – kiss!

After our first kiss, we did not see or hear each other for a while. The first time we saw each other again was at a festival called DGTL, where William had to dj. And that’s when and where we fell instantly in love. We walked around hand in hand and danced together all day that day. We were ‘together’ and officially a couple ever since then.

I love William’s smile, his enthusiasm and his passion for music and life in general. And the way only he can make me blush.” – Amber. “Amber fills up every room with her radiant smile and presence. I love her blonde hair that bounces up and down like crazy when she dances, her humor and her perspective.” – William.

“The best thing that ever happened to us was our Sicilian vacation. By coincidence, we were able to rent a villa near a nature reserve, far far away from civilization. We could literally do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

And the funniest thing is that I fell asleep the first time William took me to the movies. And the second time, and the third. In fact, I always do.” – Amber.

Amber is wearing a Diesel t-shirt, Diesel leather pants and her own Dr. Martens boots. William is wearing a Diesel jeans and Dr. Martens shoes.

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Isabella (Interior Designer) & Maurits (DJ) – 10 months together. “We met at a club that I prefer not to mention, haha! I seriously have to laugh out loud when I think about how we met. We saw each other in ‘that’ club and sparks were flying off and around right away! We immediately found each other super sexy and in no-time we were dancing and kissing. It might sound cheesy, but we became inseparable that same night. And without really having a conversation, we – hand in hand, obviously – stomped around town all night. While we didn’t exchange too many words, there was definitely lots going on between us. It was almost cinematic.

The rest is pretty much history. It took us a few months before we were officially girlfriend and boyfriend, but that conversation was more symbolic. It was obvious that we were not going to let each other go anytime soon.

We are each others partner in crime. Whenever one of us has a crazy idea (and trust me when I say there are many!) we always back one another up. What I like about Maurits is that he smells so good it is addicting. And he has a ridiculously gorgeous handwriting that he writes me the sweetest notes with.” – Isabella. “She put a spell on me.” – Maurits.

“We have had many ‘best moments’ – most of them included music and lots of friends – since we have been together, so it is hard to pick a favorite. But the best is yet to come as we are officially moving in with each other in two weeks and I honestly can not wait!” – Isabella.

Isabella is wearing a Diesel knit and Diesel skirt. Maurits is wearing a Diesel t-shirt and Diesel jeans.

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Sabrina (Blogger / Photographer) & Lesley (Marketing Manager) – 6,5 years together. “The way we met is kind of embarrassing, haha! I first saw Lesley when I went out for dinner with the girls in this weird pizza place in Amsterdam, where he happened to work that day. He usually worked in a different restaurant (owned by the same guys), but had to fill in for someone else’s shift. I – the shallow person that I am – ended up staring at him through a very conveniently placed mirror on the wall, but other than that nothing exciting happened. One of my friends ended up chatting a bit with him that night because she used to work for the same restaurant guys.

After a month or so, that same friend asked me if I ever saw ‘that cute guy from the restaurant again’. The answer was obviously ‘no’, but she and I decided it was time for me to do something about it and this is where it gets slightly embarrassing… I found him through the social media channel of the restaurant, created a social account, added some friends to not look like a complete moron and sent him a message.

Soon after, we had our first date, which lasted about a whopping 9 hours. I was an hour late (I still blame public transport, definitely not my wardrobe full of nothing to wear), we had drinks, ate pizza, had drinks again, more drinks somewhere else and *boom* all of a sudden it was 5AM. We had our first kiss right where we just finished our last of one too many cocktails, before Lesley dropped me off at home (very well-mannered).

I have to admit it didn’t take a lot of dates before we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and the rest is history.” – Sabrina.

Sabrina is wearing a Diesel bra and Diesel shirt. Lesley is wearing a Diesel knit.

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Lisette (Model) & Logan (Set Designer / Artist) – 1 year together. “We met at a photo exhibition of a mutual friend in New York, where we crossed eyes and kept circling the room to try to talk to each other. When we finally did, we immediately liked each other but neither asked for the other’s number.

We ran into each other again at Full Moon – a music festival in New York – about a week later. We were both there through a completely different group of people. The moment we saw each other we could not stay apart and finally exchanged numbers.

I like Logan’s passion, how excited he gets when he talks about things he cares about, like nature and art. It makes his eyes light up. He always has this energy, or spark in his eyes, a bit naughty almost. I am not sure how to describe it, but his eyes got me that very first time and they still do. He is also such a sweet, caring, generous person. And very funny too!” – Lisette. “I love her purely sweet nature – she shines a bit – there is never a moment where she doesn’t show compassion and understanding. I would say her smile got me at first and then there was just this energy between us that kept us blushing, it was uncomfortable in a great way. I am still curious in that feeling.” – Logan.

“Our favorite moment together was when we got lost in Costa Rica only to find this beautiful deserted black sand beach, right in time for the sun to go down and a skinny dip.” – Lisette.

“And our first thanksgiving together, and Lisette’s first real American family thanksgiving, was spent in a casino in Atlantic city.” – Logan.

Lisette is wearing a Diesel leather jacket, Diesel belt and Diesel jeans. Logan is wearing a t-shirt by Diesel, Diesel jeans and his own boots.

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Photography, yours truly; Styling by Gijsje Ribbens.

This post was created in collaboration with Diesel.