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Courrèges is anything but a new name in the fashion industry. André Courrèges was one of the most iconic designers of his time, dressing the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Catherine Deneuve and opening the world up to a never before seen fashion universe of his own. Thus, why introduce you to this brand, you might wonder? Subsequently, two former ad executives acquired the rights to the name of the brand. They decided to relaunch the brand, and brought life into Courrèges’ vision and therewith his unique fashion galaxy. Not such a bad idea after all, since every SS16 item will make you drool all over the place.

André Courrèges’ influence can still be felt on the runway today, in Jacquemus’ geometrical shapes, Junya Watanabe’s PVC and Fausto Puglisi’s Courrèges inspired SS15 collection. The French brand was known for its space-age and futuristic aesthetic. Some of the key items included short A-line skirts, go-go boots and iconic sunglasses. Collectively, Courrèges, Paco Rabanne, Rudi Gernreich and Pierre Cardin defined the age of futurism. The funny thing is, the way they envisioned the future never came to be (unfortunately), making their signature style and vision more relevant than ever before. Therefore, the timing of Courrèges relaunch seems to be exactly on point. The 60’s and 70’s have been an inexhaustible source of runway inspiration ever since Nicolas Ghesquières’ first Louis Vuitton collection, and the style seems endlessly desirable for consumers. At least, I know I could wear A-line skirts paired with go-go boots for the rest of my life.

The creative duo behind my immediate addiction to the Courrèges’ revamp consists of the young designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant. The two earlier launched Coperni Femme (another brand I have fallen hard for), a praised and awarded womenswear brand launched just two years ago. The duo’s designs show a clear predilection for the 1960’s, stunning fabrics and visionary designs, which seamlessly connects with the Courrèges vision and brand. Unfortunately, the young duo had to pause their work on Coperni, in order to fully focus on redefining the Courrèges brand.

The highly anticipated first collection by made all my sartorial dreams come true. The thing I enjoyed most is the innovative but at the same time subdued way of presenting the relaunch of such an iconic fashion house. The duo didn’t show the usual total looks, but instead delivered 15 iconic Courrèges items in 15 different materials, adapted to the 2016 customer. The items were shown per category, presented in various prints, colours and fabrics. Every single item was a perfect mix of throwback items with a retro feel combined with basics with a minimal and modern clean-cut; the simple, but perfect camisole dresses, suede cropped jackets and patent miniskirts. All the pieces stood so well on their own, that all they needed was a simple white-knitted leotard, which was shown with every single look. And let’s not forget their take on the go-go boots, presented in white and black, simply to die for. Personally, I extremely enjoyed the collection. Every piece is classic and timeless, while still containing the Courrèges DNA. The designs might be a little less daring than the originals, but Meyer and Vaillant surely have succeeded to leave their mark on the fashion house.

With only one collection on their name, Meyer and Vaillant still have a lot to prove. However, their debut looks nothing but promising to me. They have managed to stay true to the origins of the fashion house, while maintaining their personal voice. It’s a struggle, when having to live up to a legacy as large as Courrèges’, but it can also be seen as a great challenge. Keep your eyes on these two, because I bet that in no time they’ll build a legacy of their own.

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