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advertorial –ย Even though I am rarely seen with a hairstyle other than a simple blow-dry in the morning, I like to experiment with my hair every now and then. Hair is like an accessory – or a shoe – it is like picking the right frame for a picture. This might sound very clichรฉ but it is true. A sleek hairstyle can compliment a sleek look, same goes for a messy and tangled look. Therefor I created three different hairstyles to go with three different tops, blending together like fish & chips or gin & tonic.

The first look is kind of a casual look and what I would name the messy ponytail. To create this look, I used TONI&GUY‘s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray before a quick blowdry. I then used some Sculpting Powder in the roots and tied it all together in a messy – half high – ponytail.

The second look is how I usually wear my hair, but with a little extra volume. TONI&GUY calls this textured lengths and I used the Sculpting Powder and the Extreme Hold Hairspray to achieve this look.

The third and last look is a classic side parting one, which can easily be made with the Heat Protection Mist, a hairdryer and straightener and the Shine Gloss Serum to finish it off.

I especially am a huge fan of the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and the Sculpting Powder, since I got my hair some actual volume for the first time in my life, I kid you not. Make sure to use the Heat Protection Mist before touching any hairdryer or -straightener/-curler.

All products are available in TONI&GUY hair salons and at Dutch drugstore Etos, other hairstyle tutorials and inspiration can be found on

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