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Ok, I gave up on 50 Shades somewhere around chapter eight and I do not even want to understand why I bought it in the first place. I guess I was curious to see what the hysteria was all about and I thought it would be an easy read. And an easy read it is, but after a while those ‘scenes’ became a bit boring to me and I really wanted to skip them, so I skipped all the way to the end without reading a single word. No more 50 Shades for me…hmm or maybe I will try the movie instead.

On other currently popular books, I just recently got gifted A Memoir by Grace Coddington and even though I am not nearly half way there, this is gooood! There is something about Grace and the way she writes that is just very…graceful, very intriguing. Feels like a perfectly executed small peek into the secrets of the high and higher in the fashion industry.

What are you reading at the moment?

ps: I stole this title from the homonymous song from Zebra Katz, that I am still playing very regularly after hearing it for the first time at Rick Owens last year and seeing all the editors (yes, also the very big ones) moving their heads to the beat during the show.

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