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Ah, snow. And what to wear when the snow is falling down like the water does in Niagara Falls? Most of the time I can be busted in comfy sweaters, pj pants, a crazy beanie while shivering, but sometimes I like to ditch all of that – except for the crazy beanie – and dress a bit more fancy than that.

If you notice anything different in these pictures, I did not color my hair, nor did I put on different make-up. It is the beanie, my boyfriend somehow managed to loose the fuzzy ball that used to be the cherry on the cake, uhm beanie. Oh, well.

Coat, COS; Top, Samsøe & Samsøe; Trousers, Étoile by Isabel Marant; Shoes, Alexander Wang; Bag, Gérard Darel; Scarf and Hat, Marc Jacobs.

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