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Most of you probably remember these particular boots from when I was chasing them in Paris. A bit later, they introduced me to their super gorgeous owner Soraya Bakhtiar.

I fell madly in love – with the boots that is – and of course, like what almost always happens when I fall in love with something, it is nowhere to be found. That was until I bumped into them on a very cool French webstore I had never heard of before and immediately clicked them home. I mean, they took over this small spot in my mind months ago! I guess that is what happens when your wallet is literally broke(n) – and with that I mean actual holes – and the coins easily roll out.

Then again, there is probably over a hundred reasons I can think off within a minute that justify my purchase.

– They are utterly gorgeous.
– They are French.
– They have studs, and although I tend to hate just about anything with studs, these are super cool.
– Underneath the studs they are suede.
– Their heels have the perfect height.
– They are super comfortable.
– All they need is a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.
– They are workable in summer as well, with bare legs.

– They are super different from all my other shoes.
– They are black.
– My boyfriend thinks they are hot
– I clearly needed them.
– They make me want to get out of bed (yes, I am still sick) and go outside just for the sake of wearing them.
– I secretly already went grocery shopping in them, in my pj’s.
– They photograph well on mirrors.
– Did I mention they are utterly gorgeous?

Ok, you get the point.

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