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Last week I had quite an interesting conversation with one of my readers on Instagram (username afterDRK) about the transformation my Céline bag has made through the year. The conversation started a little bit like this:

“Is THAT your Céline bag?? Holy sh*t, what happened to it? It looks like a gym bag or something. You’ve had that like what, less than one year? Come on, that’s just bad quality. The leather should be thicker or something. Shame…”

To be honest, I wanted to cry my eyes out when I first found out the bag was getting softer and losing its boxy shape quite fast. I mean, I paid this bag with my eyes closed and I expected it to stay the same and above all “new” for the rest of my life in exchange. Obviously on one hand, I really understand his point of view and I appreciate a strong opinion like this.

On the other hand, I believe that bags are made to be used, especially if it’s a bag that is used every single day. The bag gets through what you go through in your daily life and I think it adds character. I mean I would not put stickers on it like Jane Birkin does with her bags, but you are getting my point here.

Shoes need to look polished, bags are made to be and “look” used, but that is just how I see it.

I am curious, what do you think?

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  • Michiel says:

    Is me ook al een tijdje opgevallen. Ik heb het nergens eerder gezien, op streetstyle foto’s zien ze er altijd zo perfect uit.

    Maar ik ga ervan uit dat jij hem gewoon gebruikt voor alles wat je nodig hebt. Veel mensen met zo’n tas zullen er amper iets instoppen omdat ze bang zijn dat er iets mee gebeurd, dat de tas het gewicht niet goed kan dragen. Maar wie betaald er weet ik het hoeveel geld voor een freaking tas als je er amper iets in kan stoppen?

    Op de manier dat jij hem gebruikt heb je er dagelijks optimaal plezier van. En ik moet heel eerlijk zeggen dat ik het wel wat vind hebben! Hij ziet er nog steeds prachtig uit en hij is nog steeds perfect voor dagelijks gebruik!

    Ik ken je gevoel wel trouwens, durfde mijn Mulberry Piccadilly eerst al niet eens aan een stoel te hangen omdat ik bang was dat de vorm veranderde. Maar leer wordt mooier door het tijd heen en de tas krijgt zijn eigen vorm toch wel, dat vind ik zo mooi aan leren tassen: ze leven, en dat is bij jouw prachtige Cèline ook het geval!

  • Vera says:

    Ik vind de tas er niet lelijker van worden. Tuurlijk is het jammer dat hij niet meer zo is als in het begin, maar dit is ook bijna niet te voorkomen. Leer wordt nou eenmaal zacht na een tijd, zeker als je hem gewoon vaak gebruikt.
    De tas glanst nog mooi, het leer ziet er nog perfect uit, dus zonde vind ik het niet.

  • I have the same bag and it also happened to mine. I think it’s because of the good quality leather which is soft as butter that it is losing it’s shape. Leather is still skin, your own skin will also get softer and wrinkly by the time you get older.

    I still love my sloppy bag though!

  • Clara says:

    I believe handbags need to be worn otherwise they’re useless…I think the difference between your Céline and other bloggers’ Céline (I don’t know anybody who owns one so I can only compare it through blogs…) is that you wear yours way more so it has evolved faster… I first thought it was made of a different leather since the other ones seem so much thicker but maybe it’s just you wear yours…

  • Marijke says:

    Hmm, ik heb niet helemaal dezelfde mening. Voor mij mogen schoenen er net ‘gebruikt’ uitzien. Het hangt er natuurlijk van af wat voor schoen het is, maar een all star moet er net gedragen uitzien. Oké, nu niet kei vuil en vol gaten, maar toch zeker gedragen :). Een tas moet daarentegen mooi blijven, hoewel ik je céline er nog steeds goed vind uitzien!

  • pues creo que podrias enviar al departamento de calidad tu bolso.. He visto bloggers que tambien lo usan casi a diario y el bolso ha permanecido intacto y con la misma forma de cajita que trae de fabrica… Veo que tu bolso ha perdido completamente su forma.. No es caracteristico de un celine de buena calidas!
    Espero que todo salga bien!

  • Jasmin says:

    I like everything I own to look used or vintage

  • m says:

    I mean It’s going to look boxy and nice when you hold it! I actually really love the “worn” look, and think it adds character! I love the fact that a bag sinks together when you place it on the ground, it shows how much you’ve used it!!

  • I agree! Shoes need to keep their shape and bags can look used. Otherwise they’re just too straight and ‘too perfect’.

    x For Happy Days

  • Veronika says:

    I’ve also got the Celine luggage, but it’s from one of the previous collections, the handles are shorter and the leather is thicker. It still keeps its shape, but one of the sides got softer, and when it’s on the floor it gets a little bit non-central. I also got very surprised when I started to notice how your bag has transformed. I suppose that it is the model which has to be unchangeable. And may be this soft leather wasn’t a good choice for Lugaggae, but it’s certainly is a sign of quality. Thats why, when I was choosing Cabas model, I thought about the leather and I chose Clasp Cabas, because didn’t want it to lose its shape in a year and become a sack.

  • T.K. says:

    Het was mij ook al opgevallen dat jouw Céline niet het oorspronkelijke model behield. Ik twijfelde daarom zelfs om de tas te kopen. Uiteindelijk heb ik de zwarte Phantom van Céline gekocht en deze heeft steviger leer en de bodem is ook sterker, maar zelfs deze kan niet goed het gewicht houden wat je bij zo’n ruime tas zou verwachten. De tas vervormt en trekt op bepaalde plekken. Ik gebruik de tas zeker niet elke dag, omdat hij zeker niet geschikt is om mijn wetboeken mee naar de uni te nemen. Ik beperk het gebruik tot 1 a 2x per week voor als ik naar de stad ga bijvoorbeeld. Op deze manier blijft hij eruit zien zoals toen ik hem kocht en kan ik er jaren mee doen. Jouw manier van gebruik is ook goed denk ik, zo heb je er elke dag plezier van, maar ik vraag me af hoe lang hij het nog houdt bij dagelijks intensief gebruik.

  • val says:

    i actually like it way better now!

    …but i never liked the stiff look anyway (i never got why everyone young blogger owns the even stiffer fake ones)

  • Mindy says:

    I have to be honest. I complete disagree with afterDRK’s opinion. I love the look of your bag. It has a relaxed feel. If it stood up perfectly straight it would look rigid. Like you said, the bag has character. It is your own. It tells a story, which is far more important than it’s being in perfect original form.

  • No you’re right. If your bag follows you everywhere, it’s only fair it softens a bit… I had the same bad surprise when I noticed my AW Rocco was looking greyish on the sides where it wears off. However due to the financial effort we have to make to get these beauties, I think they should hold better longer…

  • katie says:

    i agree with you! bags are meant to be used and shouldn’t be placed on a pedestal. while it may have been a super expensive purchase and some might be pissed about the quality of the leather, it still looks great – i think i actually prefer how it looks now 🙂

    – katie

  • I think that things are meant to be used and time gives them a nice touch… but I also think that sometimes is hard to see things loose their character when you use them a lot, and in my opinión that is what has happend with this bag. Its boxy shape was the core of its personaity, wasn’t it?

  • eleni says:

    I totally feel your thoughts and I’m of the opinion that real value is gained through usage of any given item. The celine bag is always a timeless piece and gains more if it appears vintage and used.

  • OctoberSong says:

    no you’re totally right.. your bag is something you bring with you everywhere, you don’t have the time or patience to have to change it everyday for different outfits. thats the beauty and what sets designer bags apart from the others, you can really invest in something that you’ll love forever and know that it suits your wardrobe and as it gets older it will only get more beautiful, the leather ages in such a different way that adds a touch of class and character to all your everyday outfits. i love how the bag looks much more now to be honest!:-)

  • Honorata says:

    For me it looks pretty cool, everything what is used gets older:)
    There hasn’t been any recipe for im mortality yet, even for bags;)

  • I agree… used is more beautiful but still quality is not the higher and considering the price…


  • Denise says:

    Hi my dear!

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time right now and I feel very inclined to ask if you do know the difference between the celine bags – the tote vs the shoulder bag.

    The tote/luggage with the short strap is boxy and hard. I have two of them I use all the time which have stayed boxy and true to its original shape since I bought it two years ago. On the other hand, the luggage with the shoulder strap is meant to turn very slouchy and is made from buttery smooth leather, which will result in the lazy bag effect that you have right now. In my own personal opinion, this is one of the flaws of the celine bag: that and the fact that they do not widely share this piece of information.

    I also believe your lazy bag effect is rather gorgeous right now. There is nothing better than a loved bag in good, worn-in condition. Enjoy it and don’t be too conscious – it’s still wonderful.

  • Fashiable says:

    Hoe duur en stevig een tas ook is, van wat voor stof het ook gemaakt is, alles verslijt toch wel een keer..als je er maar veel plezier van hebt gehad!

  • Leeni says:

    I don’t know that I’ve seen a better bag on anyone. You look great with this exquisite Celine, and it’s so versatile. You really made the best choice.

  • Julie says:

    I have this bag too. I bought it thinking it was the structured shopper, but when I noticed that it seemed to be losing its shape I took it back to the shop. They advised me that although its the same shape as the stiffer style, this version is made from different leather and is not reinforced in the same way. It’s designed to look more slouchy. This is fine, but it was the structured shape that caught my eye. I was so disappointed that I purchased the wrong bag, and I have to admit that I have since bought the more structured version which I love.

  • Thea says:

    Despite the fact that a bag costs a lot of money, it doesnt change the fact that leather changes throughout its lifetime. Especially smooth leather like that. The fact that its an expensive bag, will probably just change the fact that although the leather looks “worn” it doesnt get ugly, damaged and blue-ish! If you know what I mean…
    I really adore that bag. Jealous much!

  • B. says:

    I definitely agree that bags are made or should be bought to use, even if they cost more than 1000 euros. And I don’t think the fact they look used makes them less stylish, but I must say I am a bit suprised that this bag lost the “boxy shape”so fast , because that kinda is what made it so special in the first place. Nevertheless, it still looks good and it’s still worth the money more if u use it a 1000 times like this than 10 times looking perfect.

  • Wow, even totaal iets anders.

    Ik keek door wat oude blogpost van je (2009/2010) en jee wat is jou stijl veranderd, op een goed manier hoor! Het is erg leuk om te zien, hoe dit zich zo heeft veranderd en ook hoe jij zelf bent veranderd (qua uiterlijk, maar ook op de manier waarop je berichten schrijft)

    Anyway, je bent mijn favoriete blogger! 🙂

  • OMG glad I didn´t spend more than I earn in a bag that would go like that in no time! So sorry for you though… I do have a Marc Jacobs bag (all leather) that started cracking on the strap…very disappointed about that, since it was a 1200 dollar bag…guess we just pay the design sometimes and even then we don´t have guarantee of quality.. 🙁 xo, Alma

  • Diana says:

    That’s something I take in consideration when I buy clothing/accessories. Some pieces look good when worn in, others lose their appeal with a single scratch on them. It’s not only a matter of quality, it depends on the item itself.

    For example, I was really tempted to buy this white leather boxy bag the other day. What was so cool about it was the pristine whiteness… which means that no matter how high quality it was, it wouldn’t look that good in a month probably! So I decided to buy a less high maintenance bag instead 🙂

    Anyway, about your Céline bag, I think it still looks good! I liked it when it was more rigit but the relaxed feel works too! And it makes it look different from all the other blogger’s bags out there, which is definitely a good thing!:)

  • Anna says:

    I agree. I think a used bag actually looks better than a brand new one, I find slightly aged leather really beautiful.

  • Jasmine says:

    I love when leather bags become worn in and look used. Not beat up or anything but I think your bag looks fine. It shows you use it and love it, and thats all that should really matter

  • Sara says:

    Know what? It’s very curious that comment of your reader, because everytime I see your Céline I think either “this is not made of the same material of the most Céline bags I see around the blogs” or “what in the hell happened with this bag?!”. So I’ve thought about that too. I don’t have a Céline bag, but concerning the others (the same model) I see around the blogs, yours is actually very diferent. I don’t know if they put some something inside to make them stay more structured or what… And also, I don’t agree with your opinion about the shoes vs. bags :p Because I “polish” both! Eheh
    Anyway, you’re an amazing blogger, with a great style and I love your looks (I have a folder with the ones I liked the most)! And I’m sorry that the first comment I made here is not so good, but I do like your blog 🙂

  • Charlie says:

    I prefer it this way, I hate those prim and proper bags that girls wear on their elbows. This is the way it’s meant to be and it’s beautiful!

  • ElleFlowers says:

    Ik zie dat alle tassen van dit model wat inzakken. Ik denk dat dat zo hoort, het leer wordt soepeler. Vind hem nog steeds prachtig.

  • Carlen says:

    I’m very happy you’ve started this discussion because I have been having the same unease about my Celine bag for a while now. When I first saw this bag on the internet I completely fell in love with it, and I knew I had to own this bag. So I hunted, invested (big time) and all I can say now is that this love has let me down. I haven’t used my bag that much (less than 10 times, and I’m serious here!) because I wanted preserve it, and now less than 1 year it looks like well… what can I say…. If I had to buy my own Celine bag as a secondhand bag I wouldn’t pay more than 100 euro’s for it. And I am so sorry that I’m saying this! I think that Celine went wrong when they decided to use this type of leather in combination with this model!


  • Natalie says:

    It’s funny, I have a Céline trio bag which I have only used a handful of time but it started to lose its ‘newness’ very quickly too. I was very disappointed as I too expected it to stay ‘new’ for a lifetime but you can always treat your bag with leather polish. The quality of leather used for my Balenciaga bag is much better…

    With regards to your bag losing its structure, I think this only adds to its appeal, a little like white sneakers always looking better once they are worn in!

    Love your bag…

  • Votre Amie says:

    I frankly think it looks fabulous – It’s worn in, comfortable, and still gorgeous!

  • Eva says:

    Ik vind het juist erg mooi als een tas er wat geleefd uit gaat zien, toch snap ik de opmerking van je Instagram follower wel. Ik zie de Celine tas ook met enige regelmaat bij Atlantic Pacific (weliswaar in een anderee kleur) en deze tas heeft nog wel de vorm die hij zou moeten hebben. Als je echt twijfelt aan of dit nu wel of niet zo hoort zou ik voor de zekerheid navraag doen waar je de tas hebt gekocht, zeker omdat de tas niet bepaald goedkoop is…

    Veel succes!

  • I took mine on a trip as soon as I bought it, which was 2 months ago and when I came back it looked as if I had it for years and I was so sad I took it with me and ruined it. Well, seeing your bag I realize that is how it actually looks. The only thing is there are some bags that look better when they are new.. and this one has a design that up to now I thought it should look hard… I love it anyway !!! How do you store it… it seems to deteriorate even just sitting in my cupboard….

  • Zaynab says:

    I think uou’re completly right. i have the same thing with my bags…after a few months they lose the ‘newness’. i mean what can we do with it ? :/ and that about shoes i agree.

    And nice blog.

  • angela says:

    Ik had ook een Celine Shoulder luggage (maar dan in camel) en kwam er na een paar weken achter dat hij een beetje ging hangen en hoewel ik mijn afgeleefde Balenciaga geweldig vind wilde ik dat mijn Celine gewoon stevig bleef. Ik heb uiteindelijk exact dezelfde tas, maar dan in het Mini model gekocht en deze behoudt wel zijn vorm, zelfs al zet ik hem leeg in mijn kast blijft hij staan. Ik denk dat je achteraf dus beter de mini had kunnen kopen. Ik vind het absoluut niet lelijk, maar dat stevige toch wel net iets mooier.

  • camille says:

    I have the size just under this one and I have wirn it every day – literally – since getting it in september and it still looks fine. I think bigger bags always loose their shape faster than regular ones because we tend to stuff them full of, well, everything.
    Still a nice bag though.

  • Karen says:

    Your céline bag still looks gorgeous, it adds so much more character to your outfits compared to when it was still in his ”store” shape.

  • Marleen says:

    I believe that some bags need to look used and some bags not. Big leather bags -like for instance the ‘cowboysbag’- may look used. But I don’t think -sorry for saying it- that a bag like this may look that used. It looked very neat and square before and that made it absolutely stunning. It’s still beautiful cause when I saw it I thought “cool”, but it looks more saggy now and that doesn’t suit the bag very well if you compare it with before.



    Style Route

  • Christina Andersen says:

    I think that the more it’s used, the more beautiful it gets. But this bag looks very different, I love when it’s new and not that soft, but it’s still a beautiful bag.
    I think bags look best with a bit of fun stories in it.

  • Ana Oliveira says:

    I agree 100 % with you! Our bags are made to use, to make “everything” with them, so, if it looks like that, it’s a truly bless, because you’re using the bag, you’re enjoying the bag! My Valentino have 2years, and of course, it doesn’t look like when I bought it. So, rock it girl!!

  • Laura says:

    No matter what, ik vind je tas nog altijd geweldig! Een tas koop je gewoon op te gebruiken en natuurlijk komt hij er dan ‘used’ uit te zien. Lijkt me de bedoeling van alle gebruiksproducten toch?

  • Martine says:

    I like the look of used leather. Jackets, boots, bags…anything except dressy items, like heels. Even sandals are OK a bit scuffed. I just want to know what kind of male would have their head spin around like in the Exorcist because a bag looks worn? That is one girly guy. Most men don’t even understand what the big deal about bags is all about. I love all my bags, but sometimes I don’t get it either.

  • Don’t feel disheartened, it’s still a beautiful bag. It has your pieces of your character now with every bend of the shape. There’s something lovely about a bag’s worn-in look that is instantly timeless.

  • Anna says:

    Hi Sabrina, I’m a new(ish) reader to your blog and I really have to comment here. Bags, shoes, jackets EVERYTHING is meant to be used! Leather is far nicer when it has softness and history. Things that look too perfect make me nervous, perfection doesn’t exist. It’s a facade.

    I love the bag! Anna (from all the way over in Sydney) 🙂

  • nuria says:

    A mi me encanta el bolso, es ideal, ademas los bolsos son para usarlos, no?, me gustan que se note que esten usados

    un beso

  • L. says:

    Vind hem nog steeds super mooi!!


  • Laura says:

    Het is jammer dat hij niet meer zo is als eerst, maar je kan er toch niks tegen doen, hij is nog steeds prachtig. Je hebt gelijk, als een tas zo vaak wordt gebruikt krijgt hij karakter, dat hou je niet tegen. En als iemand hem nep vind lijken dan is dat maar zo, het gaat erom dat je zelf weet dat hij echt is en van goede kwaliteit.

  • Nienke says:

    Ik betaal liever voor goede kwaliteit, dan voor een groot merk. Zeker in het geval van deze tas, waar de ‘boxiness’ juist het beste is aan de tas. Zelf zou ik dan liever een look-a-like kopen, zodat ik me niet genept voel, zodra die zijn vorm begint te verliezen en het geld wat ik overhoud aan iets leukers besteden.

  • jamjam says:

    Boxiness geeft zeker die extra appeal, maar er is niks heerlijker (net als bij schoenen en mobiele telefoons) dat je het gevoel hebt dat je met je tas kan gooien en niet bang bent voor krasjes etc. Het moet een gebruiksvoorwerp zijn, niet een museumstuk. Ik ben alleen maar bang voor beschadiging bij nieuwe schoenen telefoons en tassen en broeken etc. Als ik door die fase heen ben geniet ik dubbel zoveel van het product.

  • Pleun says:

    Die tas moet gebruikt worden, maar hij had wel langer dan 1 jaar (!) die bobines mogen houden. Want dat is wat die tas het mooist en z’n unieke uitstraling geeft. Dus dat ie inzakt na een paar jaar. Oke. Maar ik herinner me als de dag van gisteren dat je ‘m ging kopen, dus dit is voor zoveel geld erg slechte kwaliteit. Bad bad Celine.

  • Debbie says:

    Ik moet eerlijk zeggen: ik HOU van de look van een – met liefde? – gebruikte tas. Ik kan zelf vaak niet wachten tot een tas er meer gebruikt uit gaat zien, zelfs als dat betekent dat ie inzakt. Ik denk dat dit niet per se iets zegt over de kwaliteit van Celine haar tassen, maar over de mate waarop jij hem gebruikt (vaak dus! Dat zegt iets over de tijdloosheid, de topaankoop die je dus hebt gedaan). Sterker nog: ik wil hem ook nog steeds, en nu nog liever, haha!


  • Eli says:

    Hey there, well it’s funny that u ask cuse i love your Céline since day one and specially that weird shape that it gets after awhile. It’s true that when you buy somethin’ that expensive you do want to have that bag for a life time but because it losed it’s shape it doesn’t mean the leather will not “survive” trough the years.
    And you r usin’ it day by day, i agree that things r made to wear!

    Have a lovely day xx

  • Naina says:

    I do believe that leather looks good distressed, such as with jackets and boots and such. However, in this case, I’d have to agree with your Instagram ‘friend’ – if you’re paying so much for a Celine bag, which is known for it’s boxy, structured shape, it should stay that way for much longer than a year. Even if used, I feel like it should retain some of its original structure.
    I still love how you use it though!
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  • Looks like it has been loved and cherished by its owner, which is why we love it!

  • Alexandra says:

    Great discussion! I don’t know if it’s a question of whether or not your bag looks good (it looks great!), it’s more about the lack of awareness Céline has created around what seems to be a variety of different leathers used to make the same model of bag. For most people buying a Céline bag is a big investment and you would hope you knew everything you could know about the bag before you took the plunge!

    Love your blog 🙂

  • Laura says:

    I read his comment the day you posted on Instagram and thought “whoa”. I see his point of view—the cost and in retrospect you’d want the bag to keep its shape substantially longer—however, there is no miracle leather in the world that will not wear out. I personally adore everything that looks a bit worn. I can’t wait until everything new of mine gets worn into and doesn’t scream “I’m new!”. There’s just something about imperfection that perfect lacks to embody. This is slightly off topic, but when I see hands that have been worked for days on end, wrinkles and scars that arrive only by age, I like to look at the person in admiration. You know they’ve been through more than many of us can not imagine. They’ve got history, stories, growth, sympathy, and appreciation.

  • Cynthia says:

    Ik zag het voorbij komen op Instagram inderdaad. Ik moet zeggen dat ik het mooi vind dat tassen ‘leven’, dat ze zachter worden, soms van kleur veranderen. Ik heb zelf een aantal leren tassen die ik veel gebruik en ik vind het echt iets hebben dat ze veranderen.

  • Caroline says:

    Ik had inderdaad al langer opgemerkt dat jouw tas wat ‘achteruitging’. Ik moet zeggen, de stijve versie vind ik vele mooier, maar ik denk dat het een situatie is van doorbijten. Nu is je tas misschien op een dieptepunt van lelijkheid, maar dat betekent dat hij alleen maar terug mooier kan worden. Nu begint ie een vintage-look te krijgen. Vroeger was het: ‘heej ik heb dé tas van Céline, zie hoe cool ik ben!’ Nu is het: ‘Heej, ik ben cool, mijn tas ziet er lekker vintage uit. Oh ja btw hij is van Céline!’

  • Laura says:

    One thing is used and another thing is “shapeless”.

    I’m with Marleen, the fact that your bag looks “that saggy” it doesn’t suit it very well if you compare it with before -and basically its essence, the boxy essence that it had before.
    I think that for the price you paid it’s a shame that it has lost completely and totally it’s original shape. It’s ok if a shoe, bag or accessory looks used but when it comes to loose completely it’s original charm it means that it was badly done. What would you think if your leather biker suddenly looses its shape and looks more like a boyfriend bomber? Or some nice boots ending like Uggs? Look the Frye boots for example. When they are worn they are still in shape.

    So, bad bad review for Celine. Won’t buy their bags for sure.

    But hey, you can still wear your bag -of course, you rock it girl!

  • ANGELA says:

    it looks fuckin awesome…a worn bag is less pretentious and has it’s own character. and the leather, even though less structured, still looks fantastic. this bag is good the way it is…i guess if you want something more structured then get a different one

  • Sarah says:

    When I saw your bag getting that soft and out of shape in one of your outfit posts I wondered what happened to her. No that I could read that there are different versions with different types of leather I am a bit “shocked” that you have not been told that by the sales assistants before?
    Anyhow, when I considered to buy a black day bag a few months ago I finally went for a LV Keepall (graphite) instead of a Celine or so (despite the fact that I already own a black designer bag, which is a Miu Miu) to be sure that I won’t have a problem with the shape of the bag. – your pictures of the Luggage frightened me a bit… 😉
    What is kind of irritating is, from my point of view, that on fashion blogs one can hardly see your Luggage version but veeery often the more shape-keeping version of this Celine?
    Like others said before; I think the bag is still beautiful and tells a story. You should not worry! But I have one question concerning the straps: do they stretch when you pack many things into the bag?

  • Ida says:

    I actually like it better now. I don’t like the boxiness of the Celine bags I must admit (and I feel quite alone on that one :D)

  • This is a fun discussion! I wear out my shoes more than bags. I like my shoes to remind me of where I have been so I only care for them when a polish is needed or a heel/ sole wears out. Bags wear mostly due to weight so the bags that are most worn in my closet are my big bags, like your Celine bag, big bags are just begging to be filled!
    I consider few things too precious to get worn out, clothing and accessories are meant to be enjoyed and worn…..out!

  • Shelley says:

    🙁 Well…what is done is done. It is still a beautiful bag however, a luxurious bag needs to be maintained well and you should have not used it every single day like you do now (exchange with some others for some days in a week) then it will be more durable, regardless whether it is a designer’s or not.

  • Justine says:

    I actually prefer the shape it is now, to be honest.

  • lea says:

    i love the “used” shape! it adds character and look much better than the usual “box style” but thats just my opinion! 🙂

    visit me:

    love Lea

  • I find it funny that we all refer to your bag as ´her´… I think it explains everything, doesnt it? ´She´is getting beautiful, softer… bit out of the shape, but still adorable…. with her age…


  • Nika says:

    Hij zag er in het begin natuurlijk veel nieuwer en stijver uit, maar ik snap zijn punt niet dat het slechte kwaliteit wordt. Mensen kunnen mooi oud worden, maar deze tas wordt prachtig oud!

  • MJ says:

    I recently discovered your blog (love it, btw) and came across this posting. I am at a loss as to what all the fuss is about regarding the softening of your Celine bag. If a woman wants a stiff structured bag to remain such, then one should purchase a frame style bag. It contains the infrastructure/support for a bag to retain its hard shape. My first expensive bag was a Jimmy Choo (during the Tamara Mellon years) in the beginning years of their handbag launch. I nearly passed out when I handed over my cc to pay. The leather was stiff and it stood up on its own. I have LOVED THAT BAG. It now is soft and supple and I no longer scrape my hands on the edge like I did when it was new. The leather is marked and worn and though it is not pristine like new, I much prefer it this way. It’s even more of a joy because the wear on the bag is a reflection of the love I have for it. Worry not about what others think of your beautiful Celine bag. AND ESPECIALLY ANY COMMENT FROM A MAN. Carry your Celine proudly, you and the bag have earned it.

  • paola says:

    Hi!! Well, I have been reading your blog for the past year now, even more i think, well before you purchased your black celine… so you do the math haha but i have to say that i definitely think it adds character… I have the same bag but in the tan/beige color, and the same thing happened to mine. I have to confess i was devasted as well. I had seen it so perfectly stiff in every other picture, why was mine coming apart.. anyways I’m glad you think that way, because that’s what I think. Bags come and go, some you will use for a year, others you will use a lifetime, but in the end, you will only remember the time precious moments you wore it… and that’s priceless. p.s. I really do think i will use mine until im 90 years old. haha but thats just me. xox – paola

  • Renahy says:

    I happen to think bags look/feel better once they’ve been a bit used. It’s now infused with your personality and like you said, it gets through what you get through, and I love that. LOVE this bag in the photo above. xo

  • alicia says:

    I love it is the ideal bag sloughy and chic

  • Archana says:

    Great discussion out here.

    A question: Do you carry your macbook or dslr in it ? All leather bags are tough but not that tough.