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So, after feeling (and being called) non-ladylike for a bit, I decided to take my heels from their boxes and give them a go. For a week. In a row. No. Flats. Allowed.

Curious to read how my week in heels went?

Day 1. I started my morning bare foot (with my feet on the chair on the other side of my desk) and then got a little too enthusiastic when I slipped on my Zara mules. High! But hey, it’s Monday and who gives up on the first day of a challenge? Plus, I didn’t have much outdoor activities planned anyway. I met up with my other half during his lunch break for a quick coffee and to capture my first day in heels. I had a meeting at 5 and really réally wanted to put my Tibi slides on, but I didn’t. The only thing I did do in flats was my work out, which of course totally wouldn’t make sense in heels. Score? Medium.

Day 2. On Tuesday I had a shooting day for Elle at Nicole’s apartment. I decided to opt for my Laurence Dacade studded boots, because they are one of the most comfy pairs of heels I own (do boots even count?) and I did have to carry a LOT (think camera, extra lens, laptop, tripod, some props, all on a bike). As soon as I arrived – safely – at Nicole’s place, I kicked off my boots and only put them back on for our lunch break in a cozy place around the corner and when we finished our job. At night, I didn’t do anything. Hmm.

Day 3. Almost half way there. I did my round of pressdays in a pair of Prada pumps, which basically means driving from PR agency to PR agency on a scooter (when I have to go to too many places in one day, I take the scooter) to check out the new collections before they hit stores from up close. The shoes look uncomfy, they are pretty uncomfy. By the end of the day I couldn’t feel my baby toe anymore, but…I still had to go out for dinner with friends. Total – though very uncomfortable – score!

Day 4. After Prada kind of murdered my feet, I decided I could pick up the keys to my brand new office in sneakers (whoops!). The rest of the day, I worked from home and ticked off many many deadlines (and I wore socks). At night, I put on my heeled Céline sandals for a dinner with Justin O’Shea and the MyTheresa team at the chic Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. These shoes are so comfy I almost want to literally hug Phoebe Philo for making them. If all heels would be like this, more women would be in heels on a regular basis.

Day 5. Hey, Acne Studios’ Pistol boots have heels. (They do!)(Also, I can’t believe I bought these in 2011!) Friday was an exciting day, I went to buy a new floor for my office and came back with two desk chairs instead. I literally visited what seemed like 185 hardware/DIY stores to find something I liked, so I am glad I wore a 3 inch heeled sturdy boot. Otherwise I would have had serious survival issues.

Day 6 and 7. I wore heels to a dinner on Saturday night. Other than that, do weekends count? Really?

I kind of failed, didn’t I? Though I do think I deserve some credits for those Prada monsters.

What’s next? A week in a skirt? A week with lipstick? You make the call.