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What to do with an old shoe? There are many many ways to get rid of the clothes, shoes and accessories you do not really get along with anymore. I mean the simplest way is to either throw or give it away, though under my roof throwing away only happens when something is torn or super worn. So what are the options exactly?

Of course there is eBay – or any other online selling site – but I never really got along with that. Too many emails, too many questions. “What is your breast size? Do you think I will fit in with a double D?” It is just not my thing.

What I usually tend to do is make a selection of what goes where. Most of it ends up being sold at the Closet Affair I try to organize bi-annually. I then take the rest of it, plus the Closet Affair leftovers to a secondhand store in Amsterdam. Everything they do not take in – they are pretty selective you know – goes directly to one of those containers. All items that do not get sold after three months of hanging in the secondhand store patiently waiting for a new owner are brought to a container as well.

Now I know there is rumors that those clothes are going anywhere but to the people that need them the most and I really wish I could have control over that, but I do not see how at this point. I am super curious, what do you do with your old stuff?

ph/ Lisa Galesloot

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  • Laura Dittrich says:

    Here in Germany, there are places where you can take them and they give them directly to people who need them. Since we moved to another city in March this year I took most of my old clothes. But I want to get rid of even more of them now and haven’t been able to. Perhaps I will try Ebay and I honestly can’t see another option..

    Paint me in the landscape

  • Debbie says:

    Ik vraag vaak mijn vriendinnen of ze even willen komen kijken, zij graaien vaak al een groot deel weg, heb ik hun er blij mee gemaakt, en ik ben blij dat ik er vanaf ben. De overgebleven ding check ik even of er items tussen zitten die echt nog goed verkoopbaar zijn, maar ik ken je probleem: gedoe met ebay/marktplaats (voor die laatste.. omg..). Dus de rest eindigt in een bak voor het Leger des Heils oid.


  • Polly says:

    it’s really good question! usually i sale my old clothes on garage-sale that going twice a year) Or stay bag with clothes near wastebasket. I think people who need it can to take it there. Or I can give some clothes that i don’t wear to my friends)

    Polly with love from Russia!

  • I give most of the clothes to donation. And the bags and shoes i sell on ebay.

  • Nora says:

    Verkopen als t nog heel mooi is en anders in een zak of weg gooien licht er een beetje aan wat voor kledingstukken t zijn!

  • I don’t think there’s much misuse and traffic if you rely to well known organizations such as the Red Cross. As long as you can give your stuffs in an other town not to see someone wearing your old jumper walking past your house…

  • Levi says:

    Kleding dat ik niet meer gebruik geef ik meestal weg aan vriendinnen en als zij het niet willen dan doneer ik het aan een goed doel!

  • Rixt says:

    Leuk stukje! Ik breng mijn kleding meestal naar een tweedehands winkel en anders gaan ze naar mijn vriendinnen of zusje.

  • Iris says:

    Krijg de kleren kledingruil is deze week weer. Heel leuk om weer nieuwe kleding te vinden en van je oude zooi af te zijn.

  • kamila says:

    In Czech rep. we have a special site where you can change, gift or sell your old clothes. It works pretty well. For this site I select clothes that is still in a great condition but it also involves guestions about breast and so on but if I want to sell I answer. Clothes that is old or I didnt succeed in selling it I gift to a charity shops we have here. They take pretty much everything, you obviously dont get money for that but they sell the clothes and you know the money goes for a good thing at least. And also with my friend we do st like your “closet affair”, call it a bazaar. We are planning to do next bazaar in a theatre my friends work where is also a bar so people can sit and drink while choosing clothes and also we want to make it bigger and more official than it is at home.

  • Indra says:

    I’m from Latvia and we have this called clothes market once in a while. Girls and some boys with a lot of stuff that they don’t use get together and sell them. It’s a great idea and you can allways find there some good treasures. I have lot of clothes that I don’t use and I sorted them out and wanted to give all away but then I came to the idea to participate in this clothes market because I have also a lot of good shoes and bags to give away. Also the things that you don’t succeed to sell in the market you can leave there and they will be given to the charity anyways. 🙂

  • Ginta says:

    Part goes to my favorite second hand shop, part straight to my favorite charity. I know that the second hand shop gives to also gives unsold stuff to charities too.

  • The Provoker says:

    Great shot! Well I would do a yard sale or do an online estore on your blog, I’m sure people would buy your amazing finds. Btw, check out my new fox fur outfit which makes me kind of look like a whore, read to find out why! 😀

    xx The Provoker

  • Laura says:

    Once in a while I clean up my closet, and I ask friends and my sister if they see anything they like. If there are things which are still in really good condition I sometimes put it on ebay or marktplaats, but mostly I will put it in a container. I like to believe that those clothes will be brought to people who need it, maybe a little naive but also idealistic;)

  • Ana says:

    This is the first time I make a comment here but I am a follower of your blog for ages. When I was younger, I used to give my old clothes to the church but since I moved to Africa, I realized that the clothes you give don’t have (always) the end you expect. They sell the clothes here…

  • Andrea says:

    I’m giving most of my clothes to a second hand store, so I don’t feel like throwing away hard earned money. 😉
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Rowan says:

    Ik neem mezelf altijd voor om het te verkopen, maar wat je zegt het is idd veel moeite. Ik heb het ooit op Marktplaats gezet, maar wat is dat een hel. Heb ik mezelf net helemaal in het zweet gewerkt om alles van alle kanten te fotograferen (en strijken), gaan mensen zeuren om aanfoto’s. En o wee dat ze 8 euro gaan betalen als ik daar om vraag, nee.. Dan moet het 7 euro worden. Ik vind afdingen echt belachelijk als ik er al zo weinig voor vraag.



  • Nesrin says:

    I’ve sold a tons of clothes on Marktplaats (you should know). The one wants it immediatly and he other asks a few quetions. It only takes a few minutes.



  • Kristian says:


    I just wanted to say, that your photos doesn’t work in Google Reader..

    Usually, I just keep it cause I know I’ll miss it someday.. Old stuff of course!


  • Kristian says:


    I just wanted to say, that your photos doesn’t work in Google Reader..

    Usually, I just keep it cause I know I’ll miss it someday.. Old stuff of course!


  • Emilie Lau says:

    After selling them, if there are leftovers I usually just give them to my friends or find a way to use them somehow.
    Like maybe trying a DIY or just using them as towels (yet it happens, only with cheap and used things though).
    Or they just hang in my closet forever and take all the place.

  • Jennifer says:

    in milan, where I used to live, we had this big yellow container called ‘aiutarmi’ = help me. It’s a box where we can throw our clothes, shoes, or any kind of apparel that we don’t want anymore. back in indonesia, i always give my clothes to the people in need..

  • Madeleine says:

    Ik breng ook af en toe dingen naar de kringloopwinkel. Maar voelt wel raar met kleding, ben altijd bang dat ik dan mensen in mijn kleding zie lopen. Dus de beste manier is toch leger des heils (als het idd niet verkocht raakt ofzo) of ik geef het weg.

  • Eva says:

    IK verkoop het een en ander op Marktplaats en of Tictail. Daarnaast geef ik sommige dingen nog wel eens weg aan mijn zus of vriendinnen. Wat ik overhou vermaak ik, bewaar ik nog even (ik bewaar overigens veel te veel!!), breng ik naar de kringloop of gaat in de kledingcontainer hier in de buurt waarvan men zegt dat dit bestemd is voor de derde wereld. Eerlijk gezegd twijfel ik daar een beetje aan maar laten we positief denken. Wist trouwens niet dat ze zo kieskeurig waren in de vintage shops! xx

  • I adore such an atipical way of wearing a suit. Absolutely chic.

  • Ania says:

    My old clothes and shoes I usually give away, mostly to my younger cousins, who are always very pleased of them, so it’s a nice feeling seeing them happy to get some new free stuff ! 🙂 but things that are in very good condition, or even new I usually try to sell on a polish website, but it’s not always that easy.. people ask you stupid questions and sometimes you can’t get rid of that stuff for weeks..

  • Carlijn says:

    Here in Paris you can just put them on the street and the people who can use it will take it. I work for a family and 3 weeks ago we went through the closets of the children to see what we could throw away. We collect 5 backs with clothes. We’ve put them on the street and in 1 hour everything was gone. Even the old shopping backs!
    With my own clothes I normally will ask my friends if they want them. If not, I put them on facebookpages for second-hand goodies in Paris.

  • Dorine says:

    heb 1x via een tweedehands winkel wat kleding verkocht, maar ze waren daar inderdaad super kieskeurigen ik vond die vrouw van de winkel zo’n ontzettend kreng dat het maar bij 1x is gebleven. Nu vaak een container in met bestemming onbekend..
    Een bekende van me helpt wel eens bij het leger des heils dus voortaan daarheen. Zie je straks ineens iemand in je stad lopen met jouw oude kleding 🙂

  • Paulina says:

    I agree with the approach. If you do not like some of your clothes anymore, someone else may.

    In Poland we have portal where one can sell or exchange his/her clothes. They also organize the events where one can exchange the clothes.

  • Laura says:

    I pretty agree with you! I’d love to be sure that my clothes go to people who need them!


  • B. says:

    Ik heb onlangs een kleine ” closet sale ” gehouden in mijn stad, waar ik heel wat spullen heb verkocht, de rest gaat naar de tweedehandswinkel en als zij het ook niet willen gaat het jammergenoeg gewoon de vuilnis in 🙁

  • Virginie says:

    I usually only sell shoes and bags, but I love to “upcycle” and DIY old clothes… It works well!

    Virginie/ Style Reload

  • Lola Reggy says:

    Salvation Army. I am like you know I had my kicks with it and now it is ready to pass it on 😉 Or just give it to someone in need..


  • Logomania says:

    Old designer stuff I sell on I often sold things almost at retail price. People often respect the asking price and are much less annoying than on Marktplaats. Some good stuff from high street I usually give to my sister and everything else I donate to charity. 🙂

  • Michiel says:

    Ik ben zo iemand die nooit een kledingstuk weggooid. Wat betreft andere spullen ben ik er super makkelijk in, maar met kleding heb ik er altijd wat meer moeite mee.. Wat als je het later toch weer mooi gaat vinden? Daarnaast koop ik altijd eigenlijk alleen maar kleding waarvan ik zeker weet dat er nooit een moment komt dat ik hem weg wil gooien, zo lang hij nog in goede conditie is.. Zo nu en doe inderdaad een paar items naar het leger des heils. Waar het terecht komt? Geen idee, maar weggooien levert ook niks op, dus het is het proberen waard denk ik..

  • Nataya A says:

    I’ve never tried to sell my clothes, would love to try, but anyway i have some from secondhand too so…:). First, these clothes are going to be given out to family. Sister down to sister, friends,who love this tradition! Especially when they are branded. If they pass this step then they will go in charity container, normally on the side of the road. Like Humana, or ASA, etc, or bring them directly to place. If they are already so bad, sometimes i still can save some buttons and use the fabrics as all purpose wipe:)

  • Tanya says:

    i wish there was some way to send them overseas to the poorer countries. The amount of stuff that gets thrown into land fill is so sad when people truly need them. I almost fell bad buying new clothes sometimes. We forget how lucky we are to have these luxuries.
    xx Tanya

  • Mia says:

    Usually , I make two bundles , the one in which I have some basic stuff that will go to charity ( normally I make some personal inquiries where or to whom should I give the clothes – if I have heard that some family in the neighborhood is struggling at the moment ). The second bundle of clothes either goes to some auctions (fund raising ,mostly online , where we try to collect money in order to support animal associations in my country – btw, I’m from Bosnia-Herzegovina 😉 ) . I also tend to swap my clothes with people online , if I am bored with a certain item or it was an impulse buy 🙂

  • Cindie says:

    For eBay. If you put the exact measurements of the item (works best if u draw them on one of the item photos) there seldom will be any questions other than whether you are willing to take an offer. Worked for me. Xx

  • Ela says:

    there is nothing good about putting them into containers. if they are going – for example – to an african country they destroy the economy. i’d recommend to donate them locally.

  • Flie says:

    I throw everything away. When I’m cleaning out my closet, I just want everything gone immediately. Maybe not the best choice, but well.

  • Nanda says:

    Swishing natuurlijk! Een geweldig (volgens mij van origine Engels) concept. Ik woonde in Belgie en in Antwerpen wordt dit georganiseerd door (oa) mijn nicht Elina. Echt heel leuk om heen te gaan! Kijk eens op: