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Are you getting tired of my 23kg wardrobe (plus some new stuff) yet? I am, kind of…

But I guess that is ok. It makes it a hβ€’ll (uhmm, whole) lot easier to get dressed in the morning, when there is not much to choose from. And I am probably going to be extra super happy with the contents of my full wardrobe that is loyally waiting for me in my apartment in Amsterdam. It makes me realize I obviously own more than enough clothes. I wonder though if I am able to deal with this for three months, wouldn’t I be able to live with it for the rest of the 9 months that exist in a year too? Rhetorical question…

I mean how many items do we really truly need? How many items would a perfect minimal wardrobe consist of, a wardrobe that doesn’t house a single item that stays unworn? Tags sometimes even still attached. Something to definitely take into consideration during the next major Spring clean out.

NTS (note to self): New wardrobe rule, new thing in, old thing out. No exceptions.

Leather Jacket, Acne Studios; T-Shirt, ATM Anthony Thomas Melilo; Pants, Acne Studios; Sneakers, Converse; Beanie, 6397.

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