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Stuff, trinkets, gewgaws, collecting is probably the one hobby we all have. It’s in our genes. As kids, we start out with seashells from the beach or insects from our backyard. Trouser- and coat pockets are a hotbed for all young hoarding junkies.

Adults are pretty much twice as bad. One collects music, while the other goes for highly expensive art. Sugar bags, coffee table books, bottle caps, post stamps, fridge magnets, stationary, nail polish, vintage, selfiesโ€ฆyou name it.

Albeit I personally am a big fan of clearing and throwing things out (almost obsessively) – my significant other regularly loses stuff, sorry for that – even I have my phases of scraping fever.

It went from Spice Girls-stickers and miniature horses (in all kinds of breeds, sizes and materials) to sunglasses (in all kinds of breeds, sizes and materials). I own a whole bunch. Maybe not enough to intrinsically be calling it a collection, but it is a definite bunch. Now I used to have at least 17 of them, whilst I have managed to get that number down to a 10. Still, some look greatly alike. My friends can not even tell the difference between my Marc by Marc Jacobs and Bottega Veneta tortoise shades. Trust me there is a BIG difference!

I am not sure what exactly makes a pair of sunglasses so attractive to get all hoardy over them, to me they are just instant outfit makers/breakers. Like shoes (my other very favorite to collect).

Just two of them got the honor to be packed in my suitcase for my three month move to LA. More than enough (especially since Santa brought me yet another pair, one for each month) and I don’t regret taking as little as I did, but I can’t wait to get to wear the ones I didn’t bring when I get back.

Little hoarder me.

Do you have something specific that you tend to collect? Tell me all about it!

PS: I will show you a picture of all my sunglasses when I get back home.

Sunglasses (clockwise) Ray-Ban; The Row; Oscar Wylee x Kahlo.

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