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The biggest benefit of having your workspace in a store is that it is not hard to get inspired. The biggest disadvantage is that it is super tempting to leave with an empty wallet at the end of the day. Ever since my boyfriend and I moved in together, I have been on constant hunt for things that make the apartment look super cozy. Now, what is easier than to add scented candles, tons and tons of them?

My problem with scented candles is that I am not too fond of the regular vanilla and lavender ones you usually bump into. These ‘Orange Blossom’ ones are just special enough and can be found at The Collector (Eerste van der Helststraat 1D in Amsterdam) and I can tell you they smell gorgeous. There is also Thyme, Mown Grass and Jasmin available and I am waiting for the day my favorite -Fig- gets restocked.

You can find them here.

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