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In Paris I went to see Fabienne and Liquorish, the spring/summer 2013 and previous fall/winter collections from Dutch born and very young Peet Dullaert. At 23, this designer is living proof that age ain’t nothing but a number.

Fabienne was created in just six weeks, with inspiration drawn from Victorian shapes. A monochrome collection with a black and white print referring to fur, yellow – referring to gold – and royal purple with a twist. With his – what I believe – strong eye for detail, Dullaert has a few great treasures hidden in his items, like a big rhinestone on the inner side of a sleeve. The blazers and two-toned pants with a shorter back are just too amazeballs.

With Liquorish he won the Dutch Frans Molenaar couture price. The judges believed his collection was the most ‘fashion’ of all contestants. I fell for the colors. And the knits. And that black and white jumper.

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